Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

We have had some heat in my parts of late, and things are finally starting to grow and ripen.  Cucumbers and zucchini are coming out of the garden at a steady pace this week.  Tomatoes are coming along nicely.....the anticipation of a sun-warmed garden tomato is growing by the day!

I am diggin' these Baby Persian Cukes ("Green Fingers"), growing on a small A-frame trellis, so far they are behaving and staying within their designated area.

Another new variety in the garden this year is a crinkly leaved basil.  The flavor is more mild than your standard sweet basil making it wonderful to put on just about anything, especially a grilled cheese or ham sandwich.  YUM!  (There is also Thai, Pistou, and Sweet Basil out in the garden to keep it company.)

Salad Leaf Basil from Renee's Garden

I am ready to start digging for new potatoes any day now, not sure if I will find anything worth robbing though.  Raspberries will be next harvest list, can't wait.  HAPPY GARDENING!