Heirloom & OP Tomato Collection

Green Tomatoes
  1. Green Grape (DS)
Blue Tomatoes
  1. OSU Blue Fruit (WS)
Orange Tomatoes
  1. Moonglow (SSE)
  2. Oranje Van Goeijenbier (WS)
  3. Woodle Orange (AS)
Pink Tomatoes
  1. Ella's Pink Plum (DS)
  2. Henderson's Pink Ponderosa (BK)
  3. Mortgage Lifter (WS)
  4. Pink Brandywine (trade)
  5. Rose / Amish Rose (AS)
  6. Stump of The World / Big Ben (AS)
Purple/Brown/Black Tomatoes
  1. Amazon Chocolate (AS, DS)
  2. Black Cherry (WS, DS)
  3. Black Krim (WS, MS)
  4. Cherokee Chocolate 
  5. J.D.'s Special C-Tex (MS)
  6. Paul Robeson (WS)
  7. Purple Passion (DS)
  8. Tim's Black Ruffles (AS)
  9. Vorlon (WS)
Red Tomatoes
  1. Amish Paste (SSE)
  2. Beefsteak (BK)
  3. Cherry Roma (SSE)
  4. Costoluto Genovese (saved, WS)
  5. Early Kus Ali (WS)
  6. German Red Strawberry (trade)
  7. Manitoba* (WS)
  8. Matt's Wild Cherry (AS)
  9. Neves Azorean Red (MS)
  10. Neves x Brandywine (MS)
  11. New Yorker* (WS)
  12. Principe Borghese (BK, trade)
  13. Rutgers* (WS)
  14. San Marzano (WS)
  15. Sibirsky Skorospely or Skorospelyi* (WS)
Yellow Tomatoes
  1. Beam's Yellow Pear (DS)
White Tomatoes

Cherry/Grape Tomatoes
  1. Beam's Yellow Pear (DS)
  2. Black Cherry (WS, DS)
  3. Cherry Roma (SSE)
  4. Oranje van Goeijenbier (WS)
  5. Gajo de Melon (BK)
  6. Green Grape (DS)
  7. Isis Candy (WS)
  8. Matt's Wild Cherry (AS)
  9. Principe Borghese (BK, trade)
Striped/Multi Tomatoes
  1. Ananas Noir (BK)
  2. Isis Candy (WS)
  3. Mr. Stripey (WS)
  4. Pineapple (WS)
  5. Purple Stripe (saved)
  6. Red Stripe (saved)
  7. Speckled Roman
* Determinate ; (AS)- Amishland Seeds, (BK)- Baker Creek, (DS) Diane's Flower Seeds, (SSE)- Seed Savers, (WS)- Wintersown Org, (MS)- Mariseeds

2010 Growth & Tasting Notes:
Amish Paste- Surprisingly good fresh eating flavor.  Juicy.
Pink Brandywine-  Grew out RL, not true variety.  Great tasting tomato (seeds saved).
Black Krim-  Wonderful aroma.  Lots of cat-facing early in the season. 
Amazon Chocolate-  Didn't smell as good as the Krim, but the taste was a bit more complex.  Grew as RL (Amishland starin, seeds saved).
San Marzano- Good producer.  Not much to remember about flavor.
Polbig- cranked out tomatoes all season long.  Great variety for utilizing 'green tomato' recipes.