Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Power is ON!

I had been preparing to be out power for another 3-4 days, but were graced with an earlier 'on' time over night.  I am thankful to have it back, but am thinking of the thousands of people on wells who are still waiting.  It will be a long week for many.

We had never gone longer than 1/2 a day without power since living in this house, so 3 days was a learning experience.  It was not so bad since we were well prepared and had generator to run the fridge & chest freezer on as to not lose all the meat and perishables.  Yesterday I did need to go out and refill our water jugs for flushing & washing; I also brought some dirty dishes to a friend's house to wash.

It is good to be back.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Still off grid....

We have been without power (and running water) since yesterday morning.   I am sitting in my favorite book store's parking lot taking advantage of their wi-fi.  The winds were not as bad as expected, so nothing more than limbs and leaves down in the yard.  I did however have to rip out the tomatoes in order to take down the cages in the afternoon, the winds were just too strong.

On a sad note, our favorite town beach area was hit hard, the road that runs along the beach is destroyed.  I don't know that it will ever be a town beach again.  This ocean front area extends into an Audubon sanctuary where we are able to walk on one end (no sun bathing/swimming allowed), and on the opposite end of the beach were small lots full of trailers and campers during the summer.  Below is what used to be the road running along the beach:

Lobster traps (and lobster) litter the beach along with washed up sea stars, mussels, clams, crabs, and exhausted, tattered birds.......there was lots of debris, including a section of walkway 
which had to have traveled quite a distance to end up where it did. 

All in all we fared well in the storm, but seeing the wreckage left behind this morning, and all the washed up sea creatures made us all a bit teary eyed.  We cherish this beautiful place and it's inhabitants so much, it is hard to see the destruction Mother Nature leaves in her wake.

Friday, August 26, 2011

C'mon Irene!

Seriously.   This waiting and watching hyped weather forecasts gets old quick.  We might get a hurricane, or maybe a tropical storm.  Maybe a tornado.  Either way the threat of rain and high winds = power outage in my tree-heavy region.  And that also means no well pump.

BUT- I get better equipped every hurricane season and thankfully we have never gone more than a day without power.  If we happen to get hit with lots of downed trees we will be fine for a few days.  This storm is different though.  Down here flashlights and D batteries don't disappear until the last minute in a typical hurricane watch.  This time however, they were cleaned out yesterday morning.  Shelves are wiped clean already, things will be grim for those waiting until tomorrow to stock up.

My thoughts are going out to all of those down south who will bear the brunt of Irene's fury.  Also to those boaters and coastal dwellers that are facing massive loss with the forecasted storm surge.  My mind keeps thinking of the erosion about to occur to so many beloved beaches.  Stay safe everyone, and lets hope this turns into another 'miss' for the Atlantic coast.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wow, I can not believe how long it has been since I last posted.  Yes, the garden is still growing.  Recently the potatoes were harvested, but I did not bother weighing them.  I am happy with my stash in the pantry......some of the fingerlings were nibbled by rodents, but all in all there was little loss.  The sweet potatoes are looking decent, I yanked one the other day just to check on how they were doing.

The Fairytale eggplant I agonized over- so pleased with the variety
 even though I don't like who owns the patent.

The cooler temps are a welcome change, some pea greens and lettuces are germinating and I am really looking forward to home grown greens again.  There are a few pumpkins and squash to look forward to as well.
Summer salad with peppers, tomatoes, and herbs from the garden.

We have been busy here, busy but well.  Hard to believe summer is just about over, we did not get enough beach days in this year.  Blogging has been on hold but I know I will become a regular again when our new fall routine settles in.  Yesterday morning I watched a chipmunk clime up a tomato cage, drop a perfectly ripe juliet to the ground, scamper down to retrieve it, and then bound across the lawn with gusto.  Now I know why my tomatoes seem to have petered out.  No petering, they are just being harvested by chipmunks.

A garden wonder - a true 'cherry tomato!