Monday, February 27, 2012

Greens Update

The micro-green project has turned into a salad greens project.  I have lost count of how many times I have cut these mixes.  They just keep on growing, and growing, and growing.....just a fish feed every couple of weeks has been all that is needed.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Late Blight Chatter

I have been reading some interesting thoughts on the coming gardening season, and many folks are thinking 2012 has the potential to be similar to 2009 in regards to late blight infection on the East Coast.  There are some varieties that show moderate to excellent resistance.  I have been keeping a short list of varieties that are reported to perform best under the blight umbrella:

  • Plum Regal
  • Magic Mountain
  • Defiant
  • Matt's Wild Cherry
  • Yellow Pear
  • Black Krim
I may be changing my tomato list based on these predictions for 2012.  I did order Mountain Magic seeds from Johnny's, as well as some liquid copper.  This application alternated with Serenade seems to offer the best protection against late blight.  As for the disease itself it is actually a water mold.  Look for brown, water soaked looking areas on stems and leaves starting on the newer growth.  Eventually the white fuzzies appear on the undersides of leaves, and the fruit can become blemished as well.  It is said the fruit appears to be rotten but will actually be firm to the touch, which is not the case with other diseases.  I have had late blight on my tomatoes on more than one occasion so I am planning on being proactive this year (the photos shown on this post are from my garden in 2009).  Anyone else have thoughts or a plan of attack for this year if blight is back in town?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Life. Love. Loss.

This is not a gardening post, but as I went to post about seed starting this morning it just felt forced.  My heart is heavy today, and this is why:

As a family that does not subscribe to a cable TV service we are always a bit behind the times.  Last night we were catching up on the Discovery series Storm Chasers and we came upon the episode that was dedicated to the passing of a chaser.  I was upset to learn of his passing and immediately jumped out of bed and ran to the internet to learn what had happened.  I am thinking car crash, freak accident, underlying medical condition.....and then my heart sunk further into sadness than it already was.  This man attempted to take his life, and ultimately it ended his life.  I was thoroughly shaken by this news.  I was up all night, my mind racing with questions and anger, and sadness for all of those in that dark place.  You see, a member of my family attempted suicide very recently, and thank God they were discovered before life was lost.  But this has changed all of us forever.  I will never stop fearing another attempt lies in tomorrow.   I will never stop being in awe that this person hated life so much that they decided to stop living it.  People with addictions, depression, and such things expend a lot of energy in deceit.  People are good at pretending.  What we see projected is often not what people are filled with on the inside, and that is what makes me sad.  Maybe if more people felt true unconditional love for themselves and from others they would have the courage to share their pain with those that surround them.  Let your loved ones know you love them no matter what, and hope they know it in their core, because in a moment of bleakness it may be the only thing that saves them when they have no love left for themselves.