Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Plastics.  I personally have a love-hate relationship with them.  I try to use glass as much as possible for food storage and serving, but having small children means a total avoidance of plastics is unreasonable.  Back when I had my son you couldn't find glass bottles in the baby stores, at least now we have the option. Instead my kids were fed using those endocrine disrupting plastic bottles.  No good, but I figure my milk also went through the plastic breast pump so it would have been 'tainted' no matter what.  Then it was years of BPA ridden sippy cups.  Finally, BPA free bottles and cups are easy to find.  But what about the rest of it?  I am constantly reading up on these things, but then my Mummy brain forgets them.  Which brand of plastic wrap is OK?  Which stuff should we avoid like the plague?

I decided to compile a short list here on the blog so I know where to look the next time I 'can't remember'.  I have not done extensive research here, just a quick "Ok", and "Not Ok" list.  Please inform me of any mistakes I may have made along the way.....this info is probably constantly changing!  (And, of coarse as a side note heat can/will cause all plastics to leach so avoid microwave and dishwasher treatment.  Some sources even recommend avoiding hot beverages.)

  • PETE/PET (#1), single use only!
  • LDPE (#4)
  • PP (#5)
  • Ziploc brand bags/wrap use LDPE
"Not O-kay":
  • PC (#7)
  • PVC (#3)
  • PS (# 6), **no alcoholic beverages or fatty substances for styrofoam containers.**
  • Avoid Reynolds brand plastics (PVC or vinyl)


Erin said...

LOL! My son knows all the numbers on the bottoms of the packaging/bottles/etc so I defer to him to know which one is best :)
I breast fed so I didn't have any bottles, literally, I think I owned 2 little Avent bottles and they went thru 2 kids so I think I'm doing okay. Plastic wrap though, I have no idea!

Kelly said...

Too funny Erin. I unfortunately needed to supplement and pump since I suck at making kids had lots of bottles. :( Oh, and did I mention my daughter refused to BF? Yup. Refused. I pumped for 9 fecking months with that one.

Erin said...

That's why I had the 2 bottles! My first born lost a ton of weight and I had to supplement, luckily I got him back on after about 6 weeks!

Thomas said...

I've had my moments when comes to plastic. I keep going back and forth as to whether plastics are friend or foe. I think I read somewhere that most municipal water runs through PVC pipes before it reaches our sinks so it seems that we are exposed to these chemicals whether we like it or not.