Monday, June 20, 2011

Still here....

Whew, has life been moving by in a flash these last couple of weeks.  The weather has much improved, and the garden is growing taller and greener by the day.  I am still trying to catch up with the weeding!  I have a few friends looking over my shoulder while I am out there with hose and weed bucket:

There is no vacancy in that robin's nest!  I found an egg in my garden under a tall oak tree a number of weeks ago, and I relocated it to the eggs in the nest pictured above in hopes it would be viable.  It felt warm and heavy so I was hopeful.  (I know birds sometimes kick out an egg on purpose, and that is what I figured Mama Robin would do if the one I added was dud.)  I checked under the magnolia tree that holds this nest daily for any 'discards' and never saw any.   There are 5 babes in that nest so I have a feeling the egg transfer was a success.  Baby birds are just so darn cute, and I must say that these chicks are much quieter than the house wrens in the bird house out back.  What a racket they make!

I have been terrible about posting updates on the garden.  The tomatoes are full of fruit and are stretching towards the sun (pictured below).  Cucumbers and zucchini are growing on the vines, while the winter squash, beans, and eggplant are just beginning to flower.  (A varietal note - Magda are winning the squash race and almost ready to harvest, with Partenon not far behind.  Black Beauty is slow to go compared to it's squash mates.)  I was surprised to see a few small peppers on the bushes while watering today, the last time I noticed them they were just setting fruit.

My potato onions have fallen and are dying back quickly, so early compared to a standard variety onion.  Some of the garlic is coming close to maturity as well, I am anxious to harvest and gain some bed space for fall greens.

The fruit season is progressing nicely as well.  The apples are sizing up, blueberries & currants are starting to turn,  and brambles are flowering and setting fruit, though strawberries are of coarse the current stars.  We went picking on Father's Day and there is some jam cooling on the counter, and about 20 more pounds of berries waiting for me in the fridge.  Yikes!

Off to finish putting together the potato salad for dinner, 
can't wait for those new potatoes to start coming in.  
Happy gardening everyone!


Erin said...

It all looks great, and those tomatoes are really putting on some growth! I always laugh when I hear about the birds kicking out the "duds"... now why can't some adults seem to kick their 30 year old dud children out of the nest LOL?

Annie's Granny said...

Awww, so cute! We were always partial to the baby robins at our house.

Your garden is looking fantabulous! Way, way ahead of mine.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Your garden looks just awesome and those birds in the nest are just adorable!!

mediaOrganic said...

Just amazed at the progress of your tomatoes. I thought we had a good start this year but I'm just starting to set fruit. I suppose it could be the varieties but we planted Brandywine, Celebrity, Cherokee Green and Purple, Red Grape, 5 Star Grape, Orange Blossom, and several others. The grapes are out in front by a little but nowhere near yours. I'm looking at another 2-3 weeks to my first tomato.

Kelly said...

mediaOrganic, I shot you an e-mail. :)

Karen said...

Hello, What a nice looking garden. My plants look so puny next to yours but I couldn't put anything in the ground until Memorial Day weekend here in Maine. I think my cherries will be the first to fruit if we can get some sunshine.