Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yup, Its October.

Brrrrr, was it cold today in New England.  There was some frost had, and most people awoke to find the heat on this morning.  This weather had me craving something warm and spicy, so I am belly up to the Mac with a steaming bowl of chili out of the slow-cooker, and a bottle of pumkin ale.  Autumn does bring good things.

Speaking of good things, I would like to say that Steve Jobs was such a special guy.  I am a relatively new Apple user, but now that I have gone Mac, I will never go back.  I appreciate my laptop and iPod every day for their friendliness, convenience, and the pleasure that they bring.  Thank you Mr. Jobs for your dedication, and vision of our future.

Lastly, the garden is such a disappointment.  EVERYTHING is being eaten by rodents.  Greens, winter squash, root vegetables, tomatoes.  Everything.  Everything but the hot peppers.  We are seriously considering getting a cat folks, it is that bad.  I essentially do not have a garden to harvest, and so have not many pleasantries to post.

I have been sneaking in some blog reading here and there, and I see you are all having better luck than I, lol, - thank goodness!  Stay warm and happy gardening.


Sue said...

Oh my--I'm sorry you are having critter problems! It's terrible to work so hard and then watch it "disappear". Perhaps a cat would be the way to go! Good luck!!

Dani said...

So sorry about the garden Kelly. I hope spring will bring you better luck.

Erin said...

A CAT? LOL, desperate times call for desperate measures :) You are right about fall, it brings so many good things. I can't even talk about Steve Jobs yet, I'm that upset. I've been a mac user since my dad brought home the Apple IIe in the early 80's, the man was a true iCon and I am very sad my kids won't grow up watching his innovation as I did.

Thomas said...

It got cold for us as well but luckily, we missed the frost.

Steve Jobs was a genius. I wish I'd know that when I was a college student in the 90's. If we'd purchased 10,000 dollars of apple stock in the mid 90's when it was at its low, we would be millionaires right now.

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

So sorry to hear about critters in the garden. They are so much work and then have it taken away like that. Maybe some traps for now so that your problem does multiply over the winter. Good luck for next year.