Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Tucked In

Today was a good day to tackle our never-ending "to to list". We (and by we I mean my husband) tackled the dust and grime hiding in skylights, beams, and unreachable walls. My job was to foot the counts right?
Outside, the garden was tucked in for winter. The garlic bed, herbs, and carrots have thick blanket of straw to keep them warm. The youngest of the carrot seedlings are under plastic frame, and the greens are safely sheltered in the coldframe. Winter Rye was spread willy-nilly in any free areas and covered with a bit of straw for good measure. We came across a mouse nest and lots of red-back salamanders during our clean up.

The pumpkin seeds were finally roasted today, what a tasty treat! Ell and I are enjoying some right now. And finally, here are my little trick-or-treaters:

Halloween, a wonderful end to October.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

My husband and I worked in the yard today. After supper, he asked me if I noticed we worked together without fighting today. I told him that I did the things he wanted to do, and not what I really wanted to be doing. He replied that he didn't get to pull as many things out as he wanted to.

After we worked together, I did get to go across the street and take some of the dead plants out. I ran out of energy, though, and ended up fixing an early supper. It got dark early because we are no longer in daylight savings time.

We didn't do a pumpkin this year, but I may see if I can find a small one to cook and get some seeds from. Yours look good. Your kids look like sweeties.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I forgot to say I like your raised beds and the covers you have for them.

Kelly said...

Hi Sue, the coldframe plans were found in one of the old Victory Garden books, are you familiar with the series? (It was on PBS)

The other is just a frame with the plastic stapled over the top.

My husband and I tend to bicker when we work together as well,'s funny how it really stands out when you don't. I am glad you had a productive day as well!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Yes, Kelly, I used to watch Victory Garden all the time. I wonder if they have any DVDs of them. I remember going through several hosts of the show. There aren't any garden shows I watch regularly anymore. I used to watch Paul James when I remembered to, but I don't think he's on anymore. Do you have any you watch?

Thomas said...

Great costumes! Hopefully your little ones enjoyed trick or treating this year...great weather for it. My son Jonathan was a giraffe and he loved his first experience. Our adoption isn't finalized yet so unfortunately, I can't really post any pictures. But someday soon, hopefully!

I have so much left to do in the never seems to end. The meass is driving me crazy!

Erin said...

I am jealous! I have yet to really dig in to the winter prep for the garden. Although I guess I am about a couple of weeks behind you in climate-stuff, so maybe I'll be okay, lol. Good job in putting down some cover crop, I keep meaning to do that! All my garlic and onions are up so I need to round up some straw and put them to bed like you did1

Kelly said...

Sue- I watch the new Victory Garden on PBS, but it is nothing like the old, I would love for them to run some oldies again.

Thomas- Jonathan must have been adorable, I hope everything is finalized for you very soon!!

Erin- I was waiting for a light frost but who knows when it will get here. I can't dig my bulbs until the cold really sets in. If we have any more days in the 70's I will be removing all that plastic!