Monday, November 23, 2009

The Before:

The kitchen reno has officially begun! Luckily I remembered to capture a 'before' image since the vision of this kitchen will soon be banished from my temporal lobe. The two shades of green I am mulling over are to the left of the window. We have 95% of the cutting done on the new counters and they have their fist layer of sealant on, boy is my house toxic from all those nasty chemicals. We are holed up in the one room that doesn't require a mask to breathe. Oh, and those red beasts? GONE!!!!

My garden? What is that again?!? I still have not been out there to check on things and dig up the bulbs. Hopefully the garden is patient because it is going to be a while.


Michelle said...

I'm so excited for you, Kelly! We just gave our kitchen an update last summer and it made a huge difference. New granite countertops...and a built-in hutch (my husband IS a cabinet maker afterall...I was like the cobbler's children!)

Anyway...can't wait to see the end result. I know it will be beautiful...I'm liking the greens. Hard to choose!

Ruralrose said...

I can see why you need a kitchen makeover - eggaads that is a bad one, especially for one who works so hard in the kitchen like you. I usually avoid all renovation posts, a bit jaded have been in renovation mode for years now, but things are coming together. It is hard to reno and live and the same room so getting pushed out until the room is done is a good thing. Green yes green for sure. It will be fun to watch your progress, thanks for taking the time to share. Peace

Kelly said...

Oh how nice Michelle, I lust after good finish carpentry skills! You must love your hutch.

Rose, I hear ya, we just spent the last 18 months doing a small addition (that should have taken 2 months), but all the finish work was done by us so we still have some odds and ends left. It is frustrating to be living in constant chaos, lol. You are one busy lady if you have remodeling on top of farm work!

Thomas said...

Good luck, Kel! I don't envy you but I'm sure you will be so happy when all of it is done. When you finish your kitchen, maybe you can work on mine. :) I'm assuming you are not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year?

Marc and I are heading to Pennsylvania to visiting my extending family. It will be the first time many of them are seeing Jonathan. I am very excited! What are you up to?

Kelly said...

Thomas, your kitchen looks new and shiny from what I have seen, just not your taste?? No Tom Turkey here, we head up in your direction to Groton.

Have a GREAT time in Pennsylvania, you must be dying to show Jonathan off.....have a safe trip.

Annie's Granny said...

I posted a comment earlier, but it got stuck in cyberspace somewhere! Just wanted to tell you my AZ kitchen is that light sage green with the darker sage cupboards, and I love the colors. I find the pale sage to be so relaxing, I ended up putting the same color on my bedroom walls!