Sunday, April 11, 2010

Garden Happenings

Potatoes going in Grow Bags, I believe I have 10 bags in all.  The bottoms were filled with a mixture of compost and potting mix, the seeds set in, and then covered with more mix and straw.

Here are the LaRatte Fingerlings in one bed, I planted this and another one slightly smaller.

The new grape and arbor was added onto the original behind the asparagus bed.  Behind the grapes is a new bed for 5 blackberries, and two raspberries....we are still in the construction phase as the canes have not arrived yet.  Still needing to find a spot for my second currant and rhubarb that is coming.  AAGGHH! Runing out of room!  So frustrating when we have almost 2 acres of land.

Some micro greens from today's thinning.  Beets, Radish, Chard, Arugula, and Hon Tsai Tai....YUM!

How cool do these currant buds look?  I had never seen them before, it is reminding of grape clusters.

I decided to use this tub as a planter for my 4 lowbush blueberries.  They remain quite small and only require a foot a piece, so this is snug but should do.  If not I will just transplant at a later date.

In addition to all the expansion and planting I sowed some more seeds today as well.  Things are finally coming together nicely thanks to a good friend who brought over a couple truckloads of dirt/compost for me.  The new beds are almost full, I am off to hill and cover the sweet potato bed up with black mulch...those slips will be here before I know it!!!
Edit:  Those micro-greens made a mighty fine pizza topping for lunch!


Michelle said...

Everything looks so good...especially that PIZZA! Yum!

Erin said...

Yum, you look like you like pizzas as much as we do! Hubby grills them and makes the dough, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when he deploys, I never pay attention, it's always been "his thing" LOL. I have run out of room too in the garden, I now have "tomato alley" - all my tomatoes went into containers this year to give me more space in the beds, fingers crossed, but it looks like Annie's Granny has good luck with this method!

Kelly said...

I grew quite a few in containers last year, but they were all cherries.

Lol, we do love pizza- but I didn't make the crust. It is made locally, there are 2 great bakeries in Providence RI that make a 'homemade' crust, and so I have not made crust from scratch in a year or so. (Which I don't miss, lol!!)

Thomas said...

Everything looks great Kel! Especially that pizza. I really need to set out my potatoes this week. Unfortunately, I don't have any of those amazing looking grow bags. I will have to do a bit research and do some cost comparison. Growing a the humble potato (at least in pots) can be a pricey proposition!

Kelly said...

Thomas- you are not kidding, the bags were pricey (even with my coupon). If I get a few years out of them it will be worth it, otherwise they will not be replaced.

ThyHandHathProvided said...

Everything does look great. I love seeing other peoples' gardens- they are all so beautiful!