Thursday, April 15, 2010


Michelle over at Give a Girl a Fig received the "Happy Award" and has requested her readers make their own lists......happy to Michelle and thanks for spreading the cheer! (I am going to leave gardening out of it since that is a given.)

  1. Belly laughs from my kids.
  2. Singing birds.
  3. Sweet smelling flowers.
  4. The beach.
  5. Dogs.
  6. My husband.
  7. Coffee.
  8. Yellow houses.
  9. Baby anything.
  10. Chipotle Mexican Grill for dinner (there is a song & dance involved).  It makes me that happy....."Mamma's got Chi-pot-LE, Mamma's got Chi-pot-LE,  Mm-mm-Mm-Mm-mm"  
Ahem.  OK, now on to the gardening stuff.  ☺  Maybe another top ten list?.......
  1. Blackberries, currant, and last blueberry bushed arrived yesterday.  Only the blackberries have been planted so far.
  2. Kale and spinach are currently the only things available for harvest in the garden.  (Ooh- maybe I will make a NOW HARVESTING gadget for the blog......that would be cool.)
  3. I ordered more seeds.  Yes, I did.  Want to know why?  I am afraid we may have another awful season coming and I want to ensure any variety I like is in my seed collection for the coming years.  My prediction is the "Unavailable for 201?" list continues to grow.
  4. I have been neglecting to pot up my ever growing tomato and pepper seedlings (and clean out my refrigerator).  Procrastination is not a good thing.
  5. I am trying broccoli this year despite the worm issue, though I must say if I see too many all broccoli will be going in the compost because I have heard too many 'little green worm on the dinner plate' stories for my liking.  Anyone have any thoughts/tips here?
  6. The Winter Rye I planted as a cover crop last Fall refuses to go away despite my best efforts to kill it.  I think I have more rye than peas in one bed.  *&@%!
  7. I really can't make it to 10.  
Happy Gardening all......go ahead, make your own lists.


Erin said...

The new gadget sounds good! I am considering starting another flat of tomatoes and peppers today since it hit 38 degrees last night (forecast was 54!) and I am afraid mine will be stunted, although the temps zoomed quickly up to 60 this morning, I guess only time will tell! Honestly, I probably won't do it since I already packed up my lights and heat mat, LOL!

Michelle said...

Love the gadget there such a thing?

Can't wait to see your garden in full's going to be amazing. The potato grow bags are interesting...did you buy those or make them up?

So inquisitive today, aren't I?!

Kelly said...

I made my own gadget Michelle, VERY low-tech. :)

I bought the grow bags. They were pricey, but I had a good coupon so it helped.