Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wow, I can not believe how long it has been since I last posted.  Yes, the garden is still growing.  Recently the potatoes were harvested, but I did not bother weighing them.  I am happy with my stash in the pantry......some of the fingerlings were nibbled by rodents, but all in all there was little loss.  The sweet potatoes are looking decent, I yanked one the other day just to check on how they were doing.

The Fairytale eggplant I agonized over- so pleased with the variety
 even though I don't like who owns the patent.

The cooler temps are a welcome change, some pea greens and lettuces are germinating and I am really looking forward to home grown greens again.  There are a few pumpkins and squash to look forward to as well.
Summer salad with peppers, tomatoes, and herbs from the garden.

We have been busy here, busy but well.  Hard to believe summer is just about over, we did not get enough beach days in this year.  Blogging has been on hold but I know I will become a regular again when our new fall routine settles in.  Yesterday morning I watched a chipmunk clime up a tomato cage, drop a perfectly ripe juliet to the ground, scamper down to retrieve it, and then bound across the lawn with gusto.  Now I know why my tomatoes seem to have petered out.  No petering, they are just being harvested by chipmunks.

A garden wonder - a true 'cherry tomato!



Erin said...

That tomato salad looks delicious! Glad you are back! We didn't get nearly enough beach days either, was just too hot, and now the kids are set to go back to school in just over a week!

Sue said...

Hands down--that is the prettiest eggplant ever. Gorgeous color.
And this, from a non-eggplant-y person. Do you fry? Boil? Bake??
It's too pretty to eat!

Kelly said...

Erin, enjoy your last week with them.

Sue- I generally just dice up all my veggies and grill them. From there they end up on/in everything. :)

SouthCoast Guy said...

That summer salad look awesome!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Yes, that salad looks pretty as well as tasty.

I always think if I lived closer to the ocean, I would make a point to go there, but we have some very nice trails and lakes, and we rarely take the time to go to those places like we did when the kids were kids.