Sunday, March 25, 2012

2nd post of the day....

Today's earlier post on specialty strawberries is below, the day has been all about the garden I guess.

Peppers sown:
(2) Baby Belle (for containers)
(2) Spanish Padron
(2) Corno di Toro
(2) Pizza (for containers)
Tam JalapeƱo

Tomatoes thinned, potted up into Cow Pots, and given a fish feed:

We have a quite a cold snap coming tomorrow night, at least in relation to the recent day and night temperatures.  I will be plugging in the soil warmer and covering the smaller fruit trees and bushes  and garlic with burlap or row cover.  Lets hope the weather folks are wrong and we stay in the low 30's......the trees could sure use a gentler forecast!

(Edit: I decided to go out and cut some blooms before they are knocked off by the rain and cold.)


Why I garden... said...

Looks like you're very busy in the garden! I'm behind on sowing. I've only sown beans and peas so far.

Erin said...

Looks great! Those flowers are really pretty. We have your cold air blowing in this morning so it looks like I'll be waiting awhile longer to harden off my seedlings!