Thursday, March 15, 2012

In the Garden

  • Sowed peas.
  • Pruned blackberries (should have been done after fruit ripened); 2nd year canes trimmed and tied to trellis.
  • Rosemary overwintered with minor damage under row cover.
  • Apple trees appear to be doing okay.
  • Pruned raspberries that were not done in fall.
**To do: plug in soil warming cable; sow kale and chard; prepare blueberry bed & apple tree sites.


Erin said...

it's game time! Glad your rosemary made it!

Rohrerbot said...

Nice.....I especially like the blueberry bed.:)

Jenny said...

how do you prepare blueberry bed? i thought that once they're planted you just need to keep watch on acidity and prune it every couple of years.

Kelly said...

Jenny- We are planting a new bed, so I need to amend the soil. I do feed and mulch my current blueberries though.