Monday, September 21, 2009

How to Plant Garlic

Garlic planting season is just about here. This will be my first time putting cloves in the ground so I had many questions left unanswered. I found a great source of information over at Boundary Garlic Farm, such as when to separate the individual cloves (right before planting), spacing options for standard rows or intensive gardening (tighter spacing will result in higher yields per pound, but smaller cloves), that hardneck garlic needs it's tip to be 2 inches below the soil surface, is a recommended read for any questions one may have on garlic. The last of my deliveries should come this week. I also plan on planting some cloves from a head I purchased at the farmer's market, the variety was not known. Here is a video I came across along the way:

How to Plant Garlic

Have any garlic tips or variety preferences to share? If so post them here, I would love to hear all about it.


Erin said...

I still have a bunch of starter bulbs left from last year, I hope they stored well, since I will be planting them soon. I will call it a test to see how long planting garlic can be stored and still be viable, lol ! My variety is called "Early Italian", kind of a pretty pink, large cloves for a softneck. I got a pretty good amount harvested in the spring, but I am thinking of trying something different alongside them just for variety.

Thomas said...

I placed an order for a couple varieties of heirloom garlic from Seed Savers Exchange a month ago. (I can't remember what they were.) I should get them in early October. Now I'm wishing that I'd requested them be shipped the end of September.
I think I might visit a farmer's market and see if there are any left for sale. Thanks for the info though! I'm definitely gonna put it to good use!

Kelly said...

Thomas, I am thinking of planting around the 10th of October. I have Ichilium Red and Chet's Italian Red I believe....I think one is hard and the other soft.

Thomas said...

Oh ok, I feel better now. For some reason, I thought the rule was that you should plant garlic right after or around your first frost. I guess I'll aim for early to mid October too.

gardengrl said...

Hmm, I planted garlic in the spring this year, I live in zone 5,and got a great harvest, but, I am also planting garlic to "over winter" this weekend, we have had a pretty good frost already.
I am hoping by doing it this way, I can get 2 harvests a year. I use A LOT of garlic, especially when making pickles.