Friday, October 9, 2009

I miss all the garden blogging, I have not been in garden mode of late. I have been busy worrying over possible H1N1 infection and academics. The official word from school is 101.4 degrees + sore throat = H1N1 flu. As of the end of last week there were already 4 kids with pneumonia out of the pre-school and kindergarten classes. Scary stuff!

We are all on the mend, but my little girl almost had a few trips to the ER over her inability to breathe, the poor thing. She always gets hit the hardest and is whom I really worry about with this coming cold and flu season.

As for academics, we are seriously considering home school. It is a HUGE decision and one that is absolutely best for my child in my opinion, but it is such a life change. I am on the fence. The other factor to consider is the services he receives.....they most likely would continue in some form other than an IEP, but it's one more thing to mull over. So that is what I have been up to of late with a little garden therapy thrown in here and there, I hope you all are enjoying the turning leaves and cool nights of October. Cider anyone?


Thomas said...

Kelly, that is indeed scary. My 2 year old son Jonathan is in full time day care and I constantly worry when he gets sick.

My neighbor wants to home school her children as well. I have a great deal of respect for people who choose to do so as I can imagine it takes a great deal of commitment.

I was beginning to wonder if you were taking some time off from blogging for the winter. Who is going to be my local gardening buddy if you do???!!!

Kelly said...

Nah, no time off- just a bit distracted. I plan on sowing garlic this weekend; many of my seedlings have flopped. Critters??

Soon it will be seed catalog time, the joys of garden dreams in January. :)

Erin said...

I sympathize with the school/germ thing! Loch came home last Friday with 103 temp and looked horrible. I took him to the Dr. right away... strep neg, regular seasonal flu neg, so they said "probable H1N1, and then told us that we couldn't get the Tamiflu med since it is reserved for children under age 5 (mine is 6!), although our dr. was awesome and wrote us a Rx for it anyways and told us not to fill it unless things got really bad, lol. But, the next morning, he was up and wanting to ride bikes, fever gone... dodged it this time I guess! As far as homeschooling, you know what's best for your own child! I would never be able to since I have a hard time keeping a strict schooling schedule, but for those that can do it, more power to you! You will make the right decision for your little guy!

Kelly said...

Ok, yet another example of why I want to home school- my son comes home talking about Christopher Columbus. I ask what he learned, and then attempt to explain that what the school teaches is not the way it all really happened. I don't want my child to go unaware of the misery this man brought to so many lives. I understand his acheivements shaped our world today, but in my mind he was a slave trader and murderer- and I want my kids to hear both sides of that story.

Anyway, now he is upset that his teacher was "teasing him", this is not going the way I had planned. I am off to finish that beer!

Linna said...

Miss you Kelly! Broden, David, and I all got H1N1 and we survived! Thus far Skyla has not gotten it- phew..and fingers crossed. We need to catch up - been too long!

Kelly said...

Miss Linna, yes we do! I love the name you picked for your baby girl, Ella was almost Lyla. What is the best way to catch up?