Sunday, October 25, 2009

What we have been up to...

Well first I will start with the laundry list of things I have been doing (all non-gardening related):
  • being sick and lazy.
  • freaking out over my son's high fevers; so high the digital thermometer could not read it, only goes to 105 degrees. YIKES!
  • deciding to grant my son's wish of being homeschooled. Curriculum has been ordered, lesson plans are made, letter of intent being drafted.
  • trips to the Pediatrician and Veterinarian.
  • waiting for the co-op truck to arrive for five and a half hours in a parking lot with two sick kids and one sick Mom only to discover one of the precious angels turned on my parking lights and we now have a dead battery and no jumper cables. Not to worry, fabulous hubby saved the day!
  • lastly, a fun farm field trip on our first day of having 3 fever free people!! YEAH!
I am so behind on posts it is ridiculous.
Weeks ago I realized I had a ripe, albeit minuscule melon. Sweet victory!

We have found a use for all the garden runts, mantel decorations (there are squash and melons in there)!

Here are the photos from our recent farm trip. The tour included seeing how the carrots are processed for retail sale (up the conveyor belt into the drum where they are washed, then hand sorted and bagged), bagging some carrots to take home, a tractor tour of the farm, and picking a small pumpkin out of a 'patch'. The kids had a blast, my daughter was clutching those carrots like they were the last four on earth, lol. She even ate one!

I am off to catch up on what you all have been doing!


Beegirl said...

Goodness!! Hope you are all feeling better and soon!! Love the kiddos holding the bags of carrots. Best to you on your homeschooling! Sounds wonderful to me... Thanks for all your kind wishes over at the Burbs! Hope you enjoy the PBS special as much as we did!

Thomas said...

Hey Kelly, thanks for the update! That carrot processing machine looks really cool. What's the name of the farm that you visited?

And how did the melon taste?

Also, good luck on your home schooling endeavors! It sounds very exciting. I can't wait to here more about it once you get going! Hopefully one of the benefits will be that you all get less colds. My son Jonathan who is in daycare full time seems to be sick ALL the time.

Ruralrose said...

Looks like a lot of fun the the farm, too bad everyone is so sick. I homeschool and recommend it highly, my son used to have to be hospitalized twice a year, asthma from viral infections. He has not been sick at all for 5 years, well the sniffles now and then but nothing, really. I also use tea tree and other essential oils to keep infections at bay, we are especially careful here on the farm. In case you haven't heard it today, you do a super job of being a woman! peace for all

Erin said...

The carrot farm sounds so fun! Bet the kids loved it! Sorry to hear about your sicknesses... mine came home about 2 wks ago with 103.5 temp and I thought "this is it"! Went to the dr. who said it looked like flu, but then he was fine 12 hours later. Now I am on pins and needles everyday waiting for "it" to hit. Homeschooling should definitely keep your kids healthier, hope all your new plans for schooling get off to a great start, you are doing what's best for your family and child, I know it was a hard decision to make. Now get busy, teacher!

Kelly said...

Thank-you everyone for your kind wishes and supportive words. I have a pit in my stomach, just got off the phone with the Principle...just the phone call she needs on a Monday morning, lol.

The melon smelled better than it tasted, but it was a little sweet and somewhat dull in flavor.

Shaun tested negative for the flu so he had some type of secondary infection. "It" has officially hit my town though word is not out yet, this was confirmed by a call from the Pedi a couple of days after we left her office- the same day I got a call from a friend telling me a high school girl who uses the same office has it. She was at home thinking about my child and wanted to check on him. Hmm.....

I know all flu carries a danger, but this one seems to be hitting the kids especially hard.

I hope we all make it through the season with out IV fluids or breathing treatmnets!!

Sue said...

There are a lot of people around me who are or have been sick. I had a flu a couple years ago that hit me hard, and I ended up with pneumonia. I'm hoping not to get it again. I have been getting flu shots for a number of years, but they don't seem to be as available this year.

I hope you and your family are feeling perky by now. I hope the home schooling goes well. I kind of wanted to, but my husband didn't like the idea. My kids are grown now, and we have an almost 2 year old grandson.

Kelly said...

Thank-you Sue, we are feeling much better!