Thursday, January 14, 2010

Confessions of a Seed Horder

Ahem.  Time to come clean seeing as everyone else has been.  I really, truly think I am done now.  "Done", as in if there is some crazy end to cyberspace next year and the United States Postal Service has come to grinding halt I will still hold enough seeds to grow my own garden, as well as 6 or 7 others.  It all comes down to security, cause you know, I am a little bit nutty when it comes to this stuff.  (I actually have one of those emergency kits complete with the whistle and heat blankets, and copies of all important papers, etc. stashed away in case we need to evacuate in a hurry.   Don't tell the dogs they are screwed though since I can never seem to keep that 'extra' bag of food in rotation.  Bad doggy mama!)

SO, here is the latest list, MUCH longer than the original 11 packets of seeds I ordered not too long ago.  Wanna know the worst part? These seeds were purchased in multiple orders.  It's like I know I shouldn't be buying them so I remove half of them from my cart only to go back a few days later and buy them anyway.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

All-righty, confession done.  On to the good stuff!  :)

  1. Minnesota Midget Melon
  2. Far North Melon
  3. Gentilla Lettuce
  4. Bianca di Maggio Onion
  5. Dragon Tongue Bush Bean
  6. Tam Jalepeno
  7. Extra Dwarf Pak Choy
  8. Tim's Black Ruffle Tomato
  9. Woodle Orange Tomato
  10. Amazon Chocolate Tomato
  11. Japanese Yubari King Type Cantelope
  12. Golden Midget Watermelon
  13. Eva's Burgundy Lettuce
  14. Martin's Carrot Pepper
  15. Chervena Chushka Sweet Pepper
Look at all those heirlooms!!!!  And yes, that is why most of these seeds won't make their debut until 2011.  I have done a bit of seed trading this year and it has allowed me to see that when you save your own seeds (and they germinate), there is a whole world of 'I'll trade you this for that' out there with complete strangers.  Pretty cool huh?  Hopefully next year I will be trading saved seeds, not purchased seeds.

(Trades in the works are for  Principe Borghese, Brandywine, and German Red Strawberry Tomatoes.)


Erin said...

Yay for honesty! Although it's not like any of your followers will stage an intervention or anything, lol! It's more like we are the "enablers"! Good thing many of us are going to try seed saving this year, since I think our little posse in blogworld may have depleted the supply of 'Dragon's Tongue' beans!! I really hope they work well for us, they are indeed beautiful! I too, have an emergency supply kit - down here we call it the "Hurricane Kit", but truth be told I actually have a few seed packets in my waterproof safe along with my gun and papers, lol.... can you say "wanna-be survivalist"? My dogs are in the same boat, their food is so expensive I can't bring myself to make that double bag purchase. I too, have found "just a few" extra things I would like to order, but am fighting the urge!

Kelly said...

We still need the gun. Every few months hubby says he will go get his license/permit, but he never does.

We sometimes buy 2 bags of food at once, but when we go through the first we then break into the second without buying a new replacement. It is expensive!

Thomas said...

Hahaha...I love it. I need to put together an emergency kit of my own. I tell you, I don't know how many times I delete items from my shopping cart only to regret it. I find that I fret over sending money on things that are truly important like seeds and other stuff for my garden but then will buy my lunch everyday at work...seriously??? Hopefully, my garden this summer will prompt me to start bringing my lunches.