Sunday, January 10, 2010

Food for Thought

With all this debate over Global Warming, and the recent airing of the global warming scientist's dirty laundry it makes one stop and think.  The weather patterns are changing, I don't think anyone would argue about that.  But why?

Are carbon emission standards just another way for the rich to get richer?  (I happen to think YES!)  Just look into which companies will hold the most credits, and who owns the companies that will profit from the trading of these credits.  One of them is  the man who supposedly once claimed to have invented the internet.  Enough said.  Ethanol?  It should be illegal with all the water used to make it  (4 gallons of H2O for 1 gallon  of Ethanol according to Mother Earth News)...seriously, we Americans waste all the water already.  Biofuel?  Horrible emissions.  I wish everyone would concentrate on reducing the chemicals and pollutants we pump into our air and water just because we should, not because it's trendy to "go green".  That would do a lot of immediate good for all creatures on this Earth.

Some scientists say we are  experiencing the next global extinction.  Our climate is changing, food will become short (shorter) if this continues, and water is already a serious problem in many parts of the world.  Disease will take hold like never before.   2012 is a very famous year.  The earth has gone through many historic changes since it's existence, what makes us think it would 'put it all on hold' for us?  Just some food for thought.

(P.S.- for anyone that was lacking pollinators (honey bees) in their gardens last year, go for the bumbles! They are attracted to certain flowers and are great pollinators as well.  I will try and dig up some specifics on varieties and post them.)


Erin said...

I have literally hundreds of bumbles at any given time in the summer, but I really wish to attract the honeybees this year. I am doing some plantings to attract them and may actually get a hive from the local "Bee Guy" this year. They relocate honeybees that have swarmed. They come to get the honey, but I get the joy of having them in my yard! Of course, if I was really ambitious, I would build the hives myself, but at least I would be supporting the local bees this way and not having to "order non-native bees"!

Di said...

I am pleased to see this post. A vast majority of people are being led around by untruths, documentation being hidden. Last year in the San Joaquin valley alone (where more food is grown than any other state in the country), they cut the water to farmers because of some 'smelt' that the environmentalists say is endangered!... the hell with people and food and jobs and livelihood. The result of course are skyrocketing food costs and rising unemployment (western Fresno county alone, unemployment at one point was nearly 50%... don't know where it is now); farmers have lost their land and business, families are hungry because of a smelt. If Americans love foreign oil, they're gonna love foreign food.

As for the Nobel prize winner (what a joke that organization is), he set up "companies" to reap the benefit of Global Warming as he tells us to conserve and he fly around in his jet; and GE... billions will be reaped as Immelt sits on Obama's board.

I'll stop now, but should anyone be interested in "facts" rather than "feelings", I can offer much in the way of documentation.

I apologize for taking up so much space, but the truth cannot be suppressed forever. This is the biggest scam on the American people and they don't realize (don't want to hear) that the cost of everything is going to skyrocket. Inflation, here it comes along with government controlling every. aspect. of our lives.

Thanks for the space and you can delete this if you like. ;)

Kelly said...

Erin- honey bees huh? That would be fun. Post on bumbles coming tomorrow.

Di- Take all the space you would like, this is the comment section! I agree everything has become about profits, and people are falling right into the trap. I am all for correcting our mistakes and not poisoning planet (or ourselves), but so much of what is going on doesn't make sense. IMO it's all the chemicals that have to go and maybe some of the rest will naturally fall into place.

Ruralrose said...

Hear, hear - the truth will set us free!