Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mmm, Mmm, Good.

When the weather outside looks like this:

Run to the freezer to find a little bit of
summer harvested sunshine.
Last week my taste of the sun came via Farm Fresh Pesto and my own oven dried tomatoes packed in oil.   Mmmm, I had to really dig to find those tomatoes,
but they were well worth it!

What have you been enjoying from your summer stash?


Michelle said...

Yummy! That looks SO GOOD! I am about to pull out some shredded zucchini for some bread this weekend...it's been long enough!

Erin said...

Yum! We just had pizza the other night with some dried tomatoes and homegrown garlic and frozen basil paste. Still eating nachos with the pickled jalapenos, getting to the bottom of our stash of green beans. I really need to get more beans and peas frozen next year. Beautiful pic of the snow!

Kelly said...

Seems as though we are in the same frame of mind when it comes to pizza these days! I would love to get some peas frozen this year too. Last year the kids fought over every last one.

Thomas said...

That looks delicious! Look at all of that melted cheese!