Monday, June 7, 2010

Tomato Tally

I did thorough walk through in Tomato Alley  today after watering, and I was able to categorize the plants a bit after taking some notes.  The "big three" producers are Sungold, Polbig (DET), and Sibirskiy Skorospelyi (DET).  Sib. Skor. wins the 'biggest fruit' category so far, this is going to be one funky tomato:

The Costoluto Genovese is showing it's beautifully ribbed characteristics already:

One of my plants suffering from identity theft appears to be a plum.  The labeled Juliet tomato is just starting to set fruit, so I am wondering if this could be San Marzano or some other plum instead since it is much further ahead in growth:

So to sum it up so far, here is the official Tomato Tally; will the laggards catch up and out-produce the early leaders???

  • Sungold (x2):  Too many to count
  • Mystery Plum: 6+
  • Sib Skor: 4+
  • Polbig (x2): 3-6
  • Green Zebra: 3
  • Cherokee Choc: 3
  • Amazon Choc: 2
  • Costoluto Genovese: 2
  • Juliet: 1
  • Black Krim: 1
  • Mystery, Mortgage Lifter, Burpee Big Boy Hybrid, Rutgers & Moonglow: A big, fat ZERO.
Here are some other photos from around the garden.....some of the potatoes are in full bloom:

I managed to find 2 uneaten strawberries in the yard today, it seems that one of the 4 areas planted has been overlooked by all furry creatures, and slugs!!!!

(Actually, the above statement is false, one of the berries has been tampered with- but not destroyed by little teeth.)
Potatoes & Peas:

Peppers & Alliums:

(My peppers are going no where fast, might be time for another fish feed.)
This bed was cleared of all things that bolted, and half of the Kale:

I FINALLY am having success with the Red Sails lettuce, YAY!!

On a less positive not my damn dog ate the apples off the tree that actually had more than one growing (and yes, in case you are wondering it is the same dog that eats the strawberries), Sawfly caterpillars have done some damage to the currant, and you saw what I have picked so far out of the 75 or more strawberry plants I have.  OH!!  And then there was that nest in the potato bed?  Well it grew and the mystery creature tunneled down a bit and broke stalks off a number of potato plants, and dug up the baby taters.  I chucked the broken plants in disgust and marble sized potatoes before thinking to take a picture, but here is what was left after I cleared the carnage:


Annie's Granny said...

Damn critters! I went out to pick strawberries yesterday, and only found 3! I've seen the squirrels go down the fence and into that bed lately, I hope they haven't developed a taste for fresh berries. Your tomatoes are way ahead of mine. I'm up to 5 tiny tomatoes on one plant, and three on another. Lots of blossoms, though.

Dani said...

I'm trying to save my blackberries from the squirrels, and mockingbirds. :( Gonna go ahead and break out the bird netting in the morning and cover them up.


A dog that eats apples? I know it's not funny but heee hee hee sort hee hee hee....

Erin said...

"Sib Skor" LOL! I can't wait to see your 'maters since I am growing all different than you, it is fun to see the new varieties I might want to try before I buy the seed! There are more varieties than I could possible hope to grow in a lifetime, but I can't seem to stop myself! Is the Border Collie the apple thief? I am very sorry to hear about your apples, but it did make me snicker a bit to visualize it!

Thomas said...

Ok, you are definitely ahead of me in the tomato fruiting department. I don't know why it's taking so long!!! Yes, the sungold is the clear winner in my garden and I only have one tiny baby cherokee purple. Siberian, which is supposed to be my early tomato isn't doing much of anything. What gives???

I can't wait for potato blossoms. Mine are just starting to form buds.

Sorry about your domesticated and wild pest problems. :(

Kelly said...

It's my 2 year old lab that is the apple and berry thief. I would laugh if it wasn't my own issue too, lol. OK- see? I still laughed.

My tomatoes are in shade at 10 am this year too- those trees must stop growing!