Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June

We have been enjoying all this beautiful New England weather, what a change from last year!  I took some pictures of berries and flowers this morning.   The currant made it's first ripe offerings this past weekend, the little berries were sweet, tart, and gave a little 'pop' in the mouth....one of the kids liked them, the other was not so sure.

An apple update:

The blueberries are starting to take on their signature color, I better get them netted.

The chipmunks have been stealing the strawberries as soon as they near their prime, I am hoping they get lazy soon.   I REALLY want some berries!

I am getting very excited for tomato season to start, the plants seem to be coming along nicely.

Today's harvest:

We built a fire pit this weekend on a whim, usually we just use one of those bon-bon drum thingys.  Not bad for the cost of a bag of mortar....we had slim pickings for rocks though, that was the true challenge.  The pit was broken in last night......

And look what I discovered when bug hunting and watering the potatoes today:

Seems as though somebody has been sleeping in my garden.  No fur that I could see, but looks a bit like a rabbit may be behind it.  


Erin said...

That's too funny about the straw-bed! I hope it isn't something "icky"!! Firepit looks great, we use ours all the time. I, too, am having a great time watching those little apples develop this year, I will cast a little garden spell for us to have gorgeous, no-insect-damage apples for us this season!

Dani said...

I have firepit envy!!

Anonymous said...

I love blueberries! I have tried to grow them few times - no success.

Kelly said...

Dani- I understand, trust me! I was sick of the kids and the dogs walking too closely to our other fire contraption, this is much more safe.

vrtlarica- they can be picky about pH. I am having a very hard time lowering mine to their liking.

Erin- yes, our precious apples better not be wormy!

Ruralrose said...

Hi Kelly - finally have time to sit and catch up with my e-friends - you unfortunately are always last, why is this you may ask - it is because your blog commands to be read slowly and savored, i love it! - I learn so much from you too! Off to read more, hope you are well, peace

Thomas said...

The chipmunks around our parts enjoy the strawberries when they are still green. Unfortunately, I have none left. Boo!

Those rascally rabbits! I'm growing tired of seeing them (even though they're cute).


Better chipmunks than fruit rats which is what we have here in Florida...yick! I do love the little bunny bed.

Kelly said...

Fruit rats huh?? Might this be a good time to confess that I used to keep rats as pets? I LOVE the domesticated version.