Tuesday, June 15, 2010


More photos from today, see post below (from earlier today) first.....

I ♥ U

(Chioggia beet chips, they shrunk down quite a bit in the oven; they disappeared from the plate even faster though.)

We normally don't like beets unless they are in "chip" form, so I sprayed a cookie sheet, sliced the beet thin, then sprayed the beets with oil, salted, and baked until I smelled them and remembered I had done all the above.  Oopsy!  The experiment worked.  Wish I had 10 more out in the garden to 'chip'.  


Here is what became of my 'buried treasure' (new Red Gold potatoes)...oven roasted in olive oil, sea salt, fresh dill, and fresh chives.   I wish I had more garden space to work with, it would be great to grow potatoes just for harvesting when new.  Ahhh, the dreams of the home gardener!

EDIT:  I can't believe I forgot to put this in again.  We went strawberry picking yesterday and it was a heavenly field of ripe, scented berries.  The birds were singing, and my daughter-the-diva was complaining.  (Usually it is my lovely boy who has nothing nice to say, but in an odd moment of clarity, he was happy!  He picked his little heart out and had nothing but pleasant words to share.)

We picked about 22 pounds in all, and I have been quite busy processing berries ever since.  Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam, Strawberry Ice Cream, and a bounty of quartered frozen berries to keep our smoothie addiction alive and well.  I still have 8 quarts waiting for me in the fridge downstairs, HELP.


Thomas said...

Ok, I have several questions for you-

When did you sow your beet seeds? Mine are taking FOREVER. Do you feed your veggies regularly with some sort of liquid feed? You sort of alluded to this in a past post.

Have you potato plants stopped flowering yet? I'm just trying to get a sense of when I should start looking for some buried treasure of my own. Mine just started to last weekend.

Kelly said...

Can't remember on the beet seeds, but is was some time ago.

I do a foliar feed or regular fish feed every so often. I meant to do the tomatoes again today, but never got to it. Basically, it is a diluted fertilizing with fish emulsion.

The potatoes I harvested today never did flower. Neither did my Yukon Gold last year. My later maturing varieties are flowering, or are getting ready to. What is your earliest variety? Count back to when you planted and dig in if you think there may be spuds. The bad part is you tend to disturb the roots and any growing baby buds that may have been....but early potatoes are sometimes worth the risk right??

Erin said...

oh those potatoes look fantastic! And I see berry fever has hit! Interesting about the beets, I didn't see myself ever growing them, but your chips have me intrigued, I bet I might like them in "chip format"!

to Thomas, mine flowered like crazy last year (potatoes that is) but this year only a few yet it is high time I dig them up... we'll find out this week, maybe they don't always flower like mad? It's only year 2 for me so who knows?

Dani said...

Strawberry smoothies and strawberry ice cream ~ YUMMY!!!!!

Thomas said...

Hhhhmmm....maybe I should have paid more attention to that when I purchased my potatoes. I think they are all mid-season varieties.

Nice to see that your pots are producing! For some reason, I don't think overcrowded mine. They seem to be growing much slower than the ones I planted straight in the ground.


I adore the tater heart!