Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog-cation Over

The seeds have officially been started, yay!  Only the nightshades so far.  Herbs, spinach, and pea greens are next on my list.  I made little flags of sorts to label the soil blocks this time.  Last year's plan written out on paper did not work out so well, the problem I see with this set up is my dog requiring emergency surgery because she ingested toothpicks.  I think I am going to order little aluminum tags to attach to the stems once the seedlings become plants and are being put outside for acclimation to the elements.

Unfortunately that is all I have for garden news.  The rest of this post is about our household projects, the stuff that has been keeping us busy this winter.  You have been warned!  ;)

We finished my daughter's room while I was on blog-cation.  She is happy with it but I am beyond irritated on how messy it continues to be, even after my lovely husband built shelves for one of the closets, and I organized all the toys in bins for the new shelves.  Sigh, here are some 'after' photos while it was still neat and tidy.  If I showed you what it looks like now you might cry.

The whole family has been down and out with a nasty flu virus.  This struck at an inopportune time (not there is ever a good time)- but this struck after we had removed the sink, toilet, and flooring from our downstairs bathroom.  Thankfully I laid new tile and made a curtain to tie in the new red paint before falling ill, and my husband repaired leaky plumbing and shored up the wall behind the sink.  Otherwise things have come to a grinding halt, and it really stinks to be without that bathroom for weeks on end.  Here is our progress so far:

Hubby is about to rip up that blue tile.  The splash of red on the wall is the future color.

I went for honed limestone on the new floor.  Quite a change from the old blue aye?!

A small chandelier is on it's way, I am going to wire it on the wall above the mirror and swag it up to the ceiling if I decide I like it in the space.  See, I have a bit of a lighting problem.  The problem is that I really only like fixtures from Pottery Barn in my home.  Any time I settle for something out of a big box store I ultimately replace it over and over until I just splurge on what I REALLY want.  Which is PB.  I also have the same problem with duvet covers, but I digress.

Also from PB is this adorable bird hook, I purchased the large single bird to replace the towel bar.

And lastly, here is the fabric & ribbon used on the curtain.  (My apologies for the poor lighting.)  I wanted something that would lighten the room and make the red less formal.  I found some hand towels in the nice silver-blue color seen in the fabric, so hopefully it will all pull together nicely when the room is done.

(P.S.- Happy March!)


Robin said...

It looks like you have been busy during your blog-cation! If you think that your daughter's room is messy now....just wait until she is a teenager :) I used to get so irritated and then learned to just shut the door!

Your bathroom is going to be beautiful!!

Welcome back to the world of blogging....Spring is on the way!

Kelly said...

Thanks for all of the kind words Robin. :)

Jane said...

Welcome back. I feel so bad for your doggie. What on earth possesses them to do this things. Everything looks good in your home remodel projects. I love that light fixture.

Kelly said...

Jane- she is fine. I am worried she may get into the toothpicks and require emergency surgery, so I will remove them before the plants get set outside. :) See, she likes to eat my seedlings after they are fed. Stupid dog.

SouthCoast Guy said...

The bathroom tile looks great!

Erin said...

Very nice! I love, love, love the chandelier and bird hooks. It's so nice going into spring with a fresh new look, it somehow makes me feel energized! Sorry your bathroom was under construction during the flu, that must have made things unbearably difficult with all of you down with it. Seedlings look great, glad you are back!

meemsnyc said...

I love how your daughter's room came out. It's so cute. You can make plant tags out of recycled milk jugs.

Dani said...

You have such great taste Kelly!