Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some Progress Made

It is C-C-C-Cold here today.  The garden soil and heaps of compost are frozen again.  I had planned on pruning and tying up loose ends on the fruit trellising today, but is just too nippy out.  Hubby is building me an official potting bench in the shed.  What a mess it was in there!  He just needs to add the shelf and it will be finished.  We re-used the section of counter top we cut incorrectly when updating the kitchen last year.  I keep my soil tray over the opening so no space is lost.

I finally managed to sow some kale, chard, and lettuce.  The tray went out into the coldframe.  Not sure  how quickly the seeds will germinate, but if the weather warms and actually starts to be spring-like I will have greens sprouting up in no time.  I was going to direct sow some spinach in the coldframe as well, but all my compost is frozen solid.   Oh, and peas?  What peas.  I REALLY want to sow some peas.  Sautéing up those fresh pea greens with my egg sure has me jonesing.  I saw a robin in the yard today.  The peepers, however, have stopped peeping.

The first true sign of growth for the garden:


On a festive note Mommy did a craft project, and boy was it messy!

And just for fun, a little bunny-love:


Annie's Granny said...

What a great looking potting bench! And such an adorable bunny :-)

Erin said...

Beautiful potting area! Cold here too, and they are calling for snow tomorrow, I'll be inside with my fabric instead of the yard for sure!

Beegirl said...

What a great potting bench! Looks like a fantastic space! Happy gardening!