Monday, March 21, 2011

I did a garden walk-through over the weekend.  The lasagna bed we threw together in the Fall is coming along nicely, I continue to be impressed by this technique.  The only destruction that was apparent was to my lovely rosemary plant which appeared dead.  After pulling back the straw mulch I saw a critter had made a nest right in the root system.  Sigh, I filled in the hole and cut the branches back hard, but only one out of seven or so was alive so I think it's fate may be sealed.

The asparagus bed was cleared out, and I threw down some compost, amendments, and the first batch of wood & bunny pellets courtesy of Bun-Bun.  It was a tough many beds to feed, so little poop.  :) Alliums are sprouting up all over the place, and the one lone rosemary cutting that survived the winter (indoors) went out in the cold frame.

This area here stretching from the trees back to the fence was destined to become a wildflower patch LAST year, and it just didn't happen.  Lack of time and money is a valid excuse, but one we can not afford to make again this year.  Hoping all the seeds I ordered are still viable.  Now we just need a truck load or two of loam and lots of luck to pull it off.

Seedling update:

(Why did I not sow more peas here, these greens will be adequate for garnishing, but that is about it.)


We finished the bathroom re-do this weekend, so next weekend, and likely the couple following it, will be dedicated to garden projects:  A potting bench in the shed, and a full-size cold frame/bed out in the garden. And now to the finished bathroom:

The chandelier:

Limestone tile and a true representation of the wall color:

No-sew curtain project:

Voila!  My flash didn't go off when I took this last night so it all looks quite dark, 
but you get the general  idea.

(P.S. - Still no kale sprouting on my seedling shelf.  What a poor excuse for a gardener I am huh?)



Erin said...

LOVE the bathroom and colors! My alliums are peeking up too, those are the one type of bulbs I really like and bother to know where they are so I can watch for them every year :)

Engineeredgarden said...

Nice looking seedlings...and my wife would be envious of the bathroom....

Kelly said...

Erin- I was nervous the dogs killed my rhubarb last summer, so that and the autumn crocuses I planted in the apple tree bed were the first things I went to check on. I had forgotten that I also threw in a few daffodil bulbs in one of the beds, so it was fun to see them poking up. I can't wait for the spring bulbs to be in bloom!

EG- My husband and I continue to under-estimate the time involved in these 'simple projects', I think I have come to the conclusion that there is no simple project. Something always goes wrong and complicates things, lol.

Thomas said...

When did you start your tomatoes? I'm scheduled to start mine this upcoming weekend. I think I started them much earlier last year but ended up with plants stressed out from being inside too long. Hopefully we'll have another great tomato growing season.

Nice to see you're putting the bunny poop to good use. I need to get a shipment of loam and compost myself. It's just so hard to produce enough.

Kelly said...

Thomas- I started them at the beginning of March. Generally speaking we are probably 2 weeks ahead of you in Spring as far as blooming and night temps etc....I definitely push it as far planting out goes and one of these years I will regret it I am sure.

I have walls of water on hand if need be (last year I didn't need them), row cover, and plastic to shelter with. We had a good cold snap last year but the plants didn't seem to notice, the soil was good and toasty through it all.

Dani said...

The bathroom looks great!

ali said...

The seedlings look great. I have never been able to get rosemary to over winter here in zone 5... and I forgot to take cuttings this I guess I will be buying a new plant :)