Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden Update and 1st Harvest

Garden Update:  The eight tomato plants went in on the 25th, and happily, it was been quite balmy in the evenings.  Texas Tomato Cages are being used for support this year, and though I only set the bottoms up for spacing purposes before planting, I think I am in love.

Things are looking quite green out there, as I sowed peas to cut for greens in just about every vacant inch of dirt.  (GOOOOO pea greens!!)  Bush beans are sprouting up under the walls of water.

My first carrot sowing failed to germinate, but this last one is a success.  Things are moving along quickly now that the weather has warmed.

Cucurbits need potting potting up; still waiting on sweet potato slips and the replacement potato seed, so spuds are off to a late start this year.  The fingerlings I do have are taking their sweet time to chit.

Today's harvest: Pea greens and the first of the asparagus.



Beyond My Garden said...

Wonderful harvest. I am inspired to plant more asparagus, perhaps taking better care of it this time.

Thomas said...

Looking good, Kel! I picked our first asparagus as well. Delicious!

It's been a week since I sowed my carrots. I don't have much faith in them at the moment. :(

Lorie said...

Bet you enjoyed your asparagus. It looks delish. We harvested our first too. I love the spring with asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries and wonderful leafy greens. Enjoyed seeing your garden, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Your asparagus looks great!

Erin said...

The harvest looks great! Congrats on that asparagus bed, it's obviously doing great!

Sue said...

Your garden looks super! I love the daffodils in the beds-what a pretty touch!

mediaOrganic said...

Last year we purchased tomatoes from Lowes and planted them in mid-April. We had to scramble a few times to protect them from frost but all turned out well and we harvested our first tomato at the end of June.

With the cool spring this year we haven't planted them yet but seeing as the weather this week will be in the 60s I may put a few in the ground this weekend.

Aaliyah Aldaco said...

That's a nice harvest. It feels great to get that garden growing and seeing the seeds turn into flowers and plants. It's a sight to love, indeed. Congrats to you garden, it's growing great!