Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunshine & Rain

We are in a wonderful weather pattern here, rainy nights and sunny days.  Little splashes of life are sprouting up everywhere in the garden.  These photos were taken yesterday morning.




And most exciting of all, I finally have Claytonia growing.  Hey, it only took three seed packets and countless sowings to make it happen.  I need to go lay down another row before my luck runs out!

My carrot seeds and some of my lettuce mixes need replacing, I have quite a few barren rows.  My little garden helper and I planted out the Red Barron onions yesterday, and sowed a 4x6 bed of pea greens the day before.  I also potted up the tomatoes.  They will likely go out next weekend under row cover and plastic as I won't be fit for planting on the first of May this year.

Wineberry and raspberry cuttings were planted around the shed.  A friend has 2 wineberry plants for me, which we are all quite excited about.  I hope to get a nice patch of them growing around the yard so that we may enjoy them along with the birds come summer.  I am expecting potatoes, sweet potato slips, a currant, a gooseberry, and 2 beach plums to arrive in the coming weeks.  (One of these years I hope to be almost self-sufficient in the summer fruit department for fresh eating and jam making, though it is probably an unrealistic fantasy.)

On a food note, I tried making pizza just like Thomas did recently (here) using a Peter Reinhart recipe, and it was a unanimous two thumbs up.  His book on searching out the perfect pizza is on my wish list, as I think I could sustain myself on the stuff if need be.  This pie had some garden goodies on it (Garlic-Chive Pesto, sliced Garlic, & Oven-Dried Tomatoes) along with peppers, mozzarella, and herbed goat cheese.  Mm-mm good.  Throwing the pizza stone on the grill is the way to go, no more 500 degree oven for me!



Thomas said...

I'm glad you liked the grilled pizza Kelly! Isn't Peter's pizza dough recipe the best? We really love it around here.

I think this year, I will start my claytonia indoors in late July and transplant it out in September. I remember it growing rather slowly in the heat.

Sue said...

Rainy nights-sunny days??? Boy, that's luck. I think the sun forgot to shine here.
Things are looking "springlike"...and congrats on the Claytonia.

Dani said...

Glad spring is finally arriving for you. :)

Erin said...

We did the pizza too! I'm jealous of those asparagus spears... we won't talk about my "asparagus bed" LOL

George said...

Isn't Claytonia delicious! I have been snipping leaves from a volunteer plant, and have a couple of six packs of starts to put out. Just wrote a blog entry on Claytonia

Lorie said...

Everything is coming along nicely. I can not wait to harvest asparagus. It's our first year to harvest, hopefully next there will be enough for our first harvest.

SouthCoast Guy said...

That pizza is making me hungry! Great pics...