Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Update....

The dog is doing MUCH better.  He is no longer going to the doggy doctor twice a day.  Next we need to ween him off all the meds and see if he can still function without them, but the plan is to wait until Monday to do it.  We are just thankful to get a little extra time with him, and that he is comfortable.  Next week will be the big test, to see how he does sans steroids.

As for the garden, the new bed is up and running, the heating cables are keeping the soil a toasty sixty-something degrees.  Here it is before being filled:

The newly expanded fenced in area is working out nicely.  We of coarse ended up having an Invisble Fence system put in for the dogs this week, and that now keeps them out of the front yard completely, but I had already ordered addition garden fence panels in attempt to keep them away from the blackberries etc. before we decided to do the other.  (Don't mind the dog kennel, luckily we are no longer needing it for a doggy sick-bed.)

Still waiting for my peas to pop out of the soil, for the carrots to germinate, and for the asparagus to show itself.  Spring is surely dragging it's heels this year- at least the daffodils have begun to bloom!

Edit:  I forgot to add that had an interesting discovery today.  A weed I have been pulling and discarding for years is actually edible and quite good at that, chickweed.  Turns out I like to munch on the stuff and it is now a welcomed addition to the greens in the garden.  Here it is growing amongst the garlic chives:

Who knew?


Erin said...

LOL, I always think of other people shuddering when I pull my chickweed but I just don't have the time or the inclination to look at it :)

So glad the dog is feeling better, I know the kids must be happy about that!

Annie's Granny said...

What good news! I do hope his health continues to improve.

I'm battling a slow, cold spring here too. Nothing is growing or germinating!

Thomas said...

Yay for the doggie! I pulled tons of chickweed and purslane last summer without any consideration as to whether I should eat them. Maybe I'll have a go of it this summer.

Kelly said...

I don't care for purslane Thomas. I yank that for sure!

Dani said...

Sending good thoughts to doggie Travis!