Saturday, May 15, 2010

The beans are soaking, a bamboo tee-pee has been erected, and I need to dig the inoculant out of the shed before I forget and sow without it.  It really has been a beautiful day to work out in the garden.  Other chores included 'hilling' the potato bags with compost and straw layers, a little weeding, some potting up, and some feeding were checked off the list today.

Many of the potatoe plants have put on quite a bit of growth this past week despite the cold evening temperatures.  Even the tomatoes appear to be happy being out in the garden in below average May temperatures.  Most plants are starting to flower out and a few varieties are noticeably bigger than the rest, mainly the Polbig, Juliet, and Sungold.  Lettuce seedlings are growing in nicely between the plants.  It is almost time to do another succession sowing for the greens.  I have some Claytonia and a Spicy Mesclun Mix to add to the next round.

(I put 4 plants under black mulch and they are in fact larger, though they are also early varieties so not sure which is the contributing factor- maybe both.)

The currants are really coming along, my mouth waters just looking at them!

Here are my apple babies (just a solitary fruit one the first tree, still a group remaining on the second):

And some great news:  my rhubarb has come to life- WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!

I am finding the obvious coloration differences in the mint I recently planted runners of interesting, the ginger mint is quite gold, the chocolate mint has dark colored veining and edging (which for some reason is not very visible in the photo below unless you really compare it to the traditional mint), and then there is the plain 'ol mint- just green!

I am growing quite impatient for all those peas to start producing.  I spied a few flowers out there today- FINALLY!  I was able to harvest a large amount of greens today, enough to get us through most of the week I think.......well, that about covers what is going on out in my little kitchen garden, what is coming to life in yours?



what are you growing those potatoes in?

Kelly said...

Those are grow bags, a fabric container. (My first year using them, the results will be interesting!)

Thomas said...

Your tomatoes look MUCH better than mine. Unfortunately, I was as good about protecting them from the elements. I hope they bounce back soon.

Nice to see the rhubarb is showing signs of life. The little crowns I bought from Home Depot were a joke. I think I need to order big fat ones.

Kelly said...

Thomas- my big box store crowns were smaller, but they have quite a few stalks up. I hope your tomatoes perk up soon!

Erin said...

I just did another succession planting for my greens too, hopefully the heat resistant variety I bought will work out here. I'm getting ready to pull the onions out today and free up that bed for something else, not sure what yet. Congrats on the apples! I got my first little ones this year and it is pretty exciting!