Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garden Notes

  • Potatoes are beginning to flower.
  • Tomatoes blossoms were sprayed.
  • Peas are growing on the vines (I always forget they ripen from the bottom up, so remembering to peak down in the garden greenery turned up actually pea pods, yipee!).
  • Fish feed done; asparagus fertilized; mulch pulled from garlic bed.
  • Beans are coming up.
  • Thai Basil = dead (just like the lemon, what gives?).
  • All cool weather greens have bolted.
  • Melon seedlings doing poorly, possibly due to damping off.
  • Summer & Winter Squash direct sown at beginning of week.


Erin said...

My basil shot up like crazy when I seeded it, has already started flowering, even though I am pinching them off it looks like it's not going to last... what's up with the temperamental basil indeed?!!

Annie's Granny said...

My lemon basil didn't germinate :-( The Italian basil germinated, but the cold weather set some of it back and killed the rest, so I planted another bunch of soil blocks. They germinated, but sat there for two weeks and never got more than the original two tiny leaves! I finally put them into containers and set them outside yesterday, I guess if they grow, they grow. It's been my worst year ever for basil, beets and carrots.


My worse year for Basil also. My seeds sprouted and then vanished. None of the plants I gave in bought and then planted survived. I just bought another pot but they are very small (about 5 inches tall) and don't look like they are going to do any more growing? I think it's a basil conspiracy!

Kelly said...

Geez, what the heck is going on?? All we want is basil, is that too much!?!? :)

Thomas said...

Sprayed tomato blossoms??? What do you spray them with?

Kelly said...

Thomas, it helps encourage fruit set on the tomatoes even in very cool or hot weather. Basically it tricks the flower one way or another.

Dani said...

Throw me into the basil group too! Gah!

Kelly said...

Oh no! Not another!

Ruralrose said...

I lost basil and melons this year too, just too cold and wet. When hardening off, all my seedlings, melons, tomatoes and peppers got blown around by a freak wind. All my labeling was lost. I am really most concerned I have no way of knowing if your chocolate tomato survived. Time will tell it always does. Did not know that about peas. Great post, peace