Friday, May 21, 2010

Green Garlic

Isn't it funny how things sometimes happen?  I had never really been aware of "green garlic" until I was giving a tour of my garden last week and a friend said 'green garlic' when pointing at my greenery.  I hadn't heard of all it's culinary uses- what a shame!  And now it seems that I have been seeing those words everywhere in my small blogging circle.  Ribbit over at The Corner Yard just did a post on her freshly pulled garlic for her friend needed a clove, megan/mason from On a Little Land mentioned it as a must have for her Top 5 (see previous post).  Many farmers thin the garlic in Spring and sell it at markets or to chefs.   Maybe some of you have even seen it in your CSA box.   I pulled a handful of my smallest stalks in effort to thin as I harvested, and this is what came up:

Interesting how the different varieties are colored, lots of 'reds' in there!  After a little trimming of the roots, and peeling of the outer skin, this is what one is left with for cooking:

Still undecided as to how to use this new garden treat I decided to thinly slice it and go from there.....

After doing some sampling I decided the leafy green tops were my favorite, so I added the remaining trimmings that were set aside into the bowl as well (seen below before being added in).

Searching for recipes turned up the usual suspects: pesto and pasta.  Before picking the stuff I had intended on making a pesto of sorts, but then I read how cooking the green garlic down in butter gave it a leek-like quality.  I was sold, so into the pan it went with a chunk of butter.

The end result:

The flavor did mellow, but I actually prefered it in it's raw state.  I tossed some of this garlic into our pasta for dinner (a Red Pepper- Arugula sauce), and the rest sits in the fridge awaiting it's destiny.  (I am thinking a pizza or a tart.  It is what I always go back to really.)

Red Pepper- Arugula Sauce:

1 block softened cream cheese
1 12 oz jar Roasted Red Peppers- drained, rinsed and seeded (or 4-5 peppers, freshly roasted)
1 clove od garlic, minced (or sub green garlic as I did)
water or milk to thin to taste.

Put all dry ingredients into food processor and mix.  Add liquid to thin to desired consistency.  (This recipe can be doubled for a pound of pasta if you like lots of sauce.  It makes enough to coat a box of Barilla Plus pasta nicely, which is short of a full pound.)

Wilt fresh arugula in a pat of butter or splash of olive oil for a few minutes on stove top, then stir into sauce, keeping in mind the greens shrink down quite a bit- I never seem to pick enough.  Top cooked pasta with grated Parmesan and ground pepper, and serve!

(Here is picture of out leftovers in the fridge, I forgot to take a picture of it last night- oopsy!  And see, I could have used some more arugula in there.)

Don't you just love 'garden fresh'??


Thomas said...

You've definitely peaked my interest! I'll have to gice this a try in a couple of weeks.

Erin said...

Recipe looks good, I may try that! I had 3 random garlic plants that were tucked in a different bed that had to come out early to make room, I will definitely be using them tonight, great post!

Michelle said...

You had me at "chunk of butter".

This sounds so delicious! And nothing goes to waste...

Ribbit said...

Oh yum. Everything is better with a chunk of butter. So much more decadent than a 'pat.'

I'll have to try your recipe with some of mine!