Monday, May 24, 2010

Berry Patch, Future Meadow, and Mr. Sun

Thomas posed a good question this morning, which was have we been cutting down any more trees to let in the sun.  And the answer is no.  But we really should.  I went out to take some front yard photos just now, and as you will see things are quite shady.  (I also decided to take some from the road's viewpoint for a change, since I always take garden pictures looking out from the house.)

Yup, lots of shade.  More shade with every passing year as the trees continue to grow and block the rising sun.  I really hate to take down any more trees though.... they block out the road noise quite a bit and we have already lost quite a few of them this year in order to build the shed.  In this photo starting from the right is the blackberry bed & trellis, then the grape trellis, then the fenced in garden.

The area just in front of the house is sunny now, but it will soon be shaded by the house and will remain so for most of the day.  Can't come much closer than I am with the garden and maintain full sun.


Here is what the front yard looked like a few years ago, quite a difference!  (Again, my apologies for the hard to see pictures- it's all that darn shade!  This was pre-construction for an addition.  We had started taking down trees in preperation.  The area to the right in the first and second photos show where my bedroom and berry patch is now.  And look - that is all grass in the front, no garden yet! Go ahead and scroll back up to the first picture- pretty cool to see all that 'garden stuff' there now isn't it?)

We are still trying to piece the yard back together from all the 'construction destruction'.  We have decided to make the side yard into a mini-meadow of sorts with wildflowers is currently one big mess:

Two and a quarter pounds of annual & perrenial grasses, flowers, and more flowers, (and 2 more apple trees arriving in the Fall) to fill that space.  It will be nice if we can get the seeds to flourish instead of weeds.  That is the challenge with planting a wildflower "meadow".  We may have missed our window for sowing this year which really stinks.  We have just been so busy.  No time to bring in loam, and equipment to grade it.  Now is the perfect time....but it won't be happening.  &*$@

Here is the newly fenced in berry patch, I am VERY excited that this project is finally completed.  Well, almost.  I still need to tidy things up, add more stepping stones, and mulch it all in.

The dogs were trampling the strawberries.  Not sure how I am going to net the blueberries this year, but I still have some time.  (There are lots of strawberries, 7 blueberry bushes, a few raspberry & blackberry canes, and one apple tree enclosed.)  Speaking of netting, the larger of the two currants was being ravaged so we threw together a tee-pee and some netting....

Not pretty to look at, but it works.  Hope I didn't bore everyone to death with my yard and garden tour.  It is nice to see the progress we have made with it all over the years, makes all the time and money spent seem worthwhile.


Thomas said...

I think garden looks wonderful. You've definitely come a long way. We're still in the "moving in" mode.

I have a HUGE Maple tree in the back yard that is preventing my garden from getting full sun all day long. At best, I get about 5 hours of direct sunlight. (The new back garden gets much more.)

Anyway, our gardens are perfect examples of how you can still grow veggies in less than ideal conditions. GO US! (HAHAHA!)

Kelly said...

Go us, and every other gardener out there! Sometimes we need to stop and see all we have done (instead of grumbling all that still needs to be done).

Erin said...

Kelly, your home is BEAUTIFUL! Love the new perspective from the street, and I find it hard to imagine it without your front garden, it all looks so "Northeast" which I guess it should :) Can't wait to see how those wildflowers look!

Anonymous said...

There is a lot happening in your garden, I just love garden projects. And I even more love when they are finished. :-)

I also hate cutting down trees, but if it’s for a greater good, then they must go. I’m also thinking to take only the tops of the trees. This way they will still grow, but will not block the sun.

Dani said...

Everything is so green in lush in your yard!

It's already super hot here in Florida and the vegetable garden is starting to feel the strain.

Ruralrose said...

Great post Kelly, it is so nice to see the whole place. I saw a little show about a gardener, Judy Pillsbury, do you know her? Love how serious you are, it is important this year I think. Peace