Thursday, July 8, 2010

This morning I sowed some peas and beans.  These along with the bed of greens & beets sown after the garlic was harvested will hopefully keep us munching on garden goodies right through Fall.  I am thinking of sowing eggplant in the morning, in theory I should get a harvest if we have a decent late Summer/Early Fall.

I pulled carrots over the last couple of days.....the end result was so-so.  I will show you the best, and then the worst.  The scarlet variety (bottom photo) will not be sown again in my garden (thank goodness the seeds were free!!).

The beds were a bit too fertile, and not deep enough for a good crop, but they are home grown carrots, even when hairy and misshapen.  I have had the best results growing these roots in deep, sand rich sections of raised bed.....but one must rotate the crops, right?

When looking back through the garden posts of early July 2009  tonight a few differences really stood out.....the first is that my asparagus patch is much taller and fuller this year.  Tomatoes seem to be running about the same; peas were still providing this time last year, but all the warm weather quickly put an end to this year's patch in late June.  I was getting cukes and zucchini steadily by mid-month in 2009, I don't see that being the case this year.

I am really looking forward to tomato & cucumber salads, and fresh sweet peppers from the garden this year.  The little Sungold toms have been ripening nicely, and the Juliet plums are much bigger this year, in fact, I may have one or two ripe for the picking any day now.   It is all good!


(Speaking of veggies, here are some yummy veggies roasted on the grill over the weekend, too bad they were not from the kitchen garden.  We ate most of them and the rest went into the freezer for future pizza toppings.  Can't you just smell them?)

I just made a small batch of Gooseberry Jam tonight, the cool night air gave me the motivation to do so.  Ouch, the clock is about to strike midnight, I better head off to bed already and quit this blogging stuff.  Happy Gardening!


Erin said...

Those roasted veggies look delicious! I wish I had some lettuces for a salad, the heat is not allowing for any germination on new sowings of it, I am trying it in pots in the shade now. I had the same conclusion about the scarlet carrots! I will be sticking to the orange from here on out.

Thomas said...

My spring carrots were nothing to brag about. I'm hoping the fall ones will be better. I'd like to amend my beds with a bit of sand later this month. You're right about nice deep beds. Mine are way to shallow.