Thursday, July 15, 2010

When are they done?

To all you experienced heirloom gardeners out there, how do I know when my Green Zebra, Black Krim, and Amazon Chocolate tomatoes are done?  Is it a squeeze test, like testing that steak on the grill for firmness?  The greens are green.  The black/purple/brown tomatoes are turning and deepening.  Should they have any green left at the crown when ripe?

The Costoluto Genevese tomatoes are such eye candy, I really don't want to cut into them.  Also, a plant I have labeled as "Green Zebra" now has red tomatoes- that whole dog incident we had way back when really put a hurting on my ability to keep track of the varieties....good news is one of my unmarked plants appears to be a Green Zebra...or a stripey that hasn't shown it's true colors yet.  (Me rolling my eyes.)


meemsnyc said...

Wow, they sure are a beautiful red color. Does look too good to eat it.

Erin said...

Wow, is that Genovese an heirloom? If it is, I have never seen one that looked so perfect! As far as most heirlooms go, they usually end up being picked with green shoulders, as some of them never really redden before getting severely split or holes in them. I would give it a gentle squeeze and put your nose in there and smell. The Brandywine are usually pink not red at all, but you can always smell them when they are ripe. The black/purple varieties aren't truly black or purple, but dark, maybe with greenish veining, and greenish or reddish shoulders. I would let your nose and fingers be your guide!

Kelly said...

It is an heirloom Erin. I am impressed by it's beauty, truly.

I picked one of the questionable tomatoes (either black krim or amazon chocolate) to have over toast w/bacon in the morning. I did some reading on the subject and read there is no straight answer, other than to pick and try it. GREAT! Weather can be an influence on final color as well, so who the heck knows.

I will go give it the sniff test, these toms are all in so deep, and low to the ground I couldn't do it if I tried out in the garden, lol.

Kelly said...

Also Erin, I should add that the Costolutos I picked are small, that may be preserving some of that perfection.

Thomas said...

They're beautiful! Congrats on you first ripe slicing tomatoes! Mine are still a few days away.

Are they stuffing tomatoes? I wonder if they will be partially hollow inside.

I believe the varieties you're speaking of will still have a bit of green on the top when ripe. I think I'll base mine on the color of the sides and bottoms and how they feel with a light squeeze.

Also, my Cherokees are cracking like crazy! Are yours?

Kelly said...

I think you are correct Thomas, most will have green. The Costo Gens are great sauce 7 juice tomatoes from how I have seen them described, but we just really liked the flavor in the one we tried last year.

The tomato I just picked has some healed cracking, but there does not seem to be any new cracks in the fruit on the vines.

Dani said...

Those are some beautiful tomatoes! Where did you order the seeds from?

TS said...

Your tomatoes are BEAUTIFUL!! Love your blog!! I only grow flowers so I'm a bit jealous!