Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This post contains large quantities of butter and flour. You have been warned.

Thanks to the nine pounds of freshly picked blueberries on hand I was perusing the net for a new 'blueberry something-or-other' recipe to try, and came accross this one for Blueberry Crumb Bars over at Smitten Kitchen.  DON'T LOOK!  Seriously.  Cause when I did I was back in my hot kitchen (more on that later) whipping up a batch immediatly.  Luckily it went rather quickly.  I am going to do you all a favor and only show you what the bars look like before they go in the oven.  The finished product would have you drooling on your keyboard.

Seriously.  Did I mention the tantalizing aroma of lemon zest?  Mmmm.

(P.S.- I had just finished up a day of blanching and canning vegetables, and was relieved to *finally*  leave the hot messy kitchen behind for a bit......or so I thought.)


meemsnyc said...

oh my, this is looks amazing. Drool started!

Ribbit said...

Oh would my boy just love that.

Kelly said...

I was actually a bit disappointed in these. Now they are good, don't get me wrong- but they looked so good, and smelled so lemony when they were being made, but IMO not enough blueberry comes through for my liking. I think I will up the filling next time I make them. The kids just think they are fab.

Erin said...

Yay for butter and flour, yum!