Wednesday, September 22, 2010

(Almost) Fall

It sure feels like Fall here in my little corner of the world, and well, it almost is.  We have been decorating:

I love Martha Stewart crafts almost as much as I like Halloween.

We have been picking and perusing the farm stands.

Since my Long Island Cheese seeds never took, I picked one up this week. 
 It is more than a little intimidating, not sure how to go about tackling this sucker once I am done enjoying it's decorative qualities.  That right there is A LOT of pie!!

We have also been hunting for a 'school' bookshelf.  Finally I found just what I was looking for at Target of all places.  Why did I waste my time in over-priced furniture stores?

Pie making, sauce making, and general enjoyment of the crops of the season will be underway this week.  I love Fall.  Hope you all will be enjoying the new coming season as well, and maybe getting a few more garden chores done than I am.  My poor, poor garden.


Erin said...

to me, even target is overpriced LOL, I stick to IKEA! I love the shelf though, it looks great! The Halloween decor is awesome, can't wait to do our garden again this year!

My son is obsessed with the Martha Stewart "Halloween Special" that runs endlessly every year, and I admit he talked me into doing several of the projects for the past 2 Halloween parties we had!

Ribbit said...

The kids are dying to decorate for fall. I put up the little scarecrow on a hay bale wreath on the door, but it's hard to feel like fall when it's 90+ degrees outside!

Kelly said...

Erin- I don't find Ikea that inexpensive. I guess some items are, but in general we have spent big bucks buying furniture and accessories for the kid's rooms there.

This bookshelf is just PERFECT, it compliments my kitchen table and it weighs 55 lbs, it is solid!

Ribbit- too hot, are your nights cooling down at least??