Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get Your Cran On

I have something to confess.  I, until now, this very week, have always bought cranberry sauce in a can.  Are you gasping??  Maybe.  But maybe some of you are smiling, because you too are guilty of canned cranberries.  This is a horrible thing considering I live in the land of cranberry bogs.  Horrible.  Now that I have stopped being intimidated by the raw cranberry I never want to eat canned sauce again.  I want to try bread with chopped, whole, FRESH cranberries inside.  Are you in?

Last night I made oven-baked cranberry sauce and it could not have been easier.  It involved a 350 degree oven, a bag of cranberries picked over for twigs and unripe berries (mine weighed about 14 oz. when done), one cup of sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg to taste, and 1/4 cup of Brandy.  This was mixed together in a pyrex dish (something similar to an 8x8) and baked (covered) for about 45 minutes.  Stir, mash, enjoy.  (I also added a little water once it cooled as I found it to be too thick.)

Now I need to bake a turkey.  Until then my sauce is off to the freezer.  It is soooooo good.

Go ahead gardeners and cooks, get your cran on while the fresh ones are here.


Erin said...

I do the home version, but I still serve the canned jelled stuff alongside it in another dish, and I DON'T cut it up, I leave the can marks on it LOL. It's supposed to be a joke but everyone still eats it and doesn't say a word... maybe they think I'm serious and don't want to offend me or they just have zero sense of humor. Either way I don't care cuz I hate the stuff, but you can't monkey with tradition!

Mr. H. said...

There is just no comparison is there.:) Cranberry bread does sound really good too.

I was looking at your potato tally and noticed that LaRatte did really well for you, we started growing that variety a couple years ago and I have also had good production. It must be a good cool climate potato.

Kelly said...

This is my second season growing potatoes, it has been fun trying new varieties this year. I was quite happy with the LaRatte, though mine don't taste as good as some I have had elsewhere, must be a soil thing.