Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September is here!  Sheesh, seems like it was just the Fourth of July doesn't it?  The hurricane that was Earl completely missed us, leaving us all to wonder why there was so much fuss about nothing.  But, that is life when a hurricane is tracking in one's direction I suppose, we were all quite relieved to have prepared in vain.

I don't have much going on out in the garden right now.  Most of the greens I sowed pooped out in the heat of recent weeks.  I am left with only a  half row of mesclun and 2 tiny heads of red leaf.  I am trying to motivate myself to go sow spinach, lettuce, etc. AGAIN.

I dug the remainder of the fingerling potatoes yesterday.  The plants were still putting out spuds, but the rodents were beginning to enjoy tunneling in the mess of straw, probably thanks to the cool nights, so it was time.  I ended up with just over 40 pounds total, off of 10 pounds seed.  Not a great harvest by any means, but I will take it just the same.  Speaking of great harvests, we came home after a night of strolling the beach to find a special delivery:

I don't think this picture I snapped is doing it any justice, this melon weighs more than my 3 year old.  I am guessing it was close to 40 pounds!  I shouldn't say "was"considering I still have considerable amounts of it left.  :)

The cool weather is bringing nice sleeping weather, and the old dog is back to harassing the young one.  In the heat of the summer he hides out in his new favorite spot, under the shed.  How he gets his old body under there is a mystery to me.

Lastly, I will leave you with a shot or two of today's harvest.  Not much, but it is still appreciated- especially the berries.  (Confession:  I have not picked the tomatoes yet.)

(P.S.- My potato onions arrived over the weekend, more on that to come!)


Erin said...

haha I have beans and raspberries too! And I'm on my gazillionth sowing of greens, one of these days it will cool off and they will take!

Dani said...

That is one big melon! Do they lose any sweetness when they're that heavy?

Thomas said...

My potatoes were a bust this year, which was a great disappointment. I'm foregoing the straw next year as I think it just gives the mice another place to hide. I'll be setting out traps too.

Kelly said...

Dani- the watermelon was still sweet, delicious as a matter of fact!

Thomas- It does seem to attract critters, but I didn't have anywhere near the trouble you did so I will be using it again, much easier to haul around that dirt.