Sunday, May 29, 2011

There are lots of tomato babies in tomato alley.  Ella's Pink Plum, Juliet, and Sungold are fruiting.  The Amazon Chocolate is loaded with blossoms, this strain (new seed source) is MUCH better than than the plant I had last year as far as blossom quantity, I just hope it tastes as magnificent.

Now that we are seeing some sunshine I gave most of the garden a fish drench yesterday.  Something is stripping the foliage off my blueberries, but there was not a beetle or caterpillar to be found.  Hmm.  Ideas anyone?  The largest of the strawberries are just starting to blush.   We are all anticipating the harvest (strawberries were soooooo gooooood last year).

Hubby and I recently celebrated our anniversary over some of our favorite things- charcuterie, wine, and cheese.   We are very lucky to have a couple of cheese shops close by in Rhode Island.  This selection came from Milk and Honey in Tiverton......we had some butter from Parma, a stick of salami, and four different cheeses that pair well with a fruity red.  A baguette, fig spread, and some mild crackers are our usual accompaniments to this fair.  My mouth is watering just thinking about this meal:

Some close-ups of the top 3 of the evening.....

This is my new favorite salami.  Uncured and amazing!
A nice Wisconsin blue. 
A soft, creamy French.  Luscious and addicting.

This beat any meal we could have had in a fancy restaurant, aside from the dirty little hands coming in to pilfer the creamy cheese and salami.  The two cheese selections my son tried and wanted in the cheese store became un-paletable once he got a taste of the creamy bit.  But who could blame him?  



Thomas said...

Happy anniversary Kel! Your tomatoes are so ahead of mine! Mine haven't even flowered yet. I'm so jealous. You'll surely be the first in our area to have a ripe tomato.

BTW - the cheese and salami selection looks so good!

Sue said...

Well Happy Anniversary-a bit late!
Sounds like you had some pretty special treats! Yum!!!!!!

Erin said...

Happy Anniversary! The food looks amazing. Your tomato stems look so thick and healthy, I think it will be a good year for you!

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