Monday, May 16, 2011

Whats Cookin'

Last year I mentioned wanting to focus on greens in the garden this year.  At first I was feeling as though I fell short, but now that the season is picking up a bit I think I made a good effort.  We are eating a sizable salad or using greens in other ways daily.  Buying the giant bag of pea seeds (5#'s) was the best thing I did.  Wilted pea greens in our mashed potatoes, a couple of handfuls thrown in a stir-fry, spring rolls with peanut sauce, salads, bunny food, the list goes on.  We -L-O-V-E- our pea greens.

Claytonia, arugula, baby kale, baby chard, mache, and spinach add interest to standard lettuce and mesclun mixes.  The variety of greens growing is greater than anything we have had in the past, it is exciting to have fresh ingredients after a long cold winter.  (Isn't the little lilly pad leaf with flowers enough to make you smile?  Simple pleasures, like claytonia in my salad thrill me.  What a garden geek I have become.)

Today I made garlic-chive pesto pasta with last year's dried tomatoes and canellini beans.  Also,  some quiche with an herbed crumb crust instead of the standard pie crust fare.  Garden asparagus, dried tomatoes, and onions comprised the filling.  Yum.  Garden eating is good, and green tastes great!!

Herbed Multigrain Crust (for quiche):

1/3 C prepared bread crumbs, seasoned is fine
1/3 C AP flour
1/3 C whole wheat flour
1/3 C cornmeal
1/3 C butter, melted
1/2 tsp salt
dried herbs to taste
 (I use a good quality Italian Seasoning blend)

Mix ingredients with a fork and press into pie plate.  If your bread crumbs are un-seasoned consider adding a sprinkling of onion or garlic powder to the mix.  Prepare quiche as usual.  This crust comes together in a pinch if don't want to make pie crust, or don't have any pre-made on hand.  It is savory and crumbly-crunchy.   You will either think it is great, or swear to never make quiche that way again.  Just thought I would share.



Nartaya said...

WHat great ideas for pea shoots! We just usually stir-fry them or put them in soups. I have to try claytona this year, it is so cute. And that quiche looks divine!

Erin said...

YUM! We love our greens here, too - I just need to get better about succession sowing!

Sue said...

Quiche-----yum! Only I NEVER make it because I'm the only one that will eat it. And we know what THAT means.

GrafixMuse said...

Very interesting varieties of greens you are growing. No boring salads in your house :) The garlic-chive pasta and quiche look divine.

Thomas said...

I love pea greens as well. I usually only pick them when the plant is huge and grab a few tips. Do you get more than one cutting when you harvest the shoots young?

Veggie PAK said...

Those prepared dishes look like they belong in a cooking magazine! They look delicious! Nice work!