Friday, December 4, 2009

Garden Update

Since I am currently having a nice time with my insomnia I figured I would do an update as I sit at the kitchen counter with the laptop as not to disturb the husband in my bed, and the child on my floor.   I made the mistake of leaving "my" dog behind and he is on the other side of the bedroom door growing more perturbed by the minute.   Anyway, now that you know what I am doing as today crosses over into tomorrow I can share that I FINALLY made it out to the garden today to snap a couple of photos and check in on things, and I am happy to report all is well! The carrots seem very happy, as does the lettuce under the cold frame. Winter rye is peaking through the straw, I am just hoping it doesn't grow too long or turning it over come Spring is going to be quite a chore. I totally forgot to peak in on the garlic (just realized this)....I would have to imagine it has sprouted with all this rain and warm weather we have been having, nothing like a sixty-something sunny day in December! (All the animals at the zoo today seemed quite pleased as well, even the bears were energetic.) Here are a couple of photos- one of some carrots, the other of the rye amongst the straw and leaves.

We have been enjoying some of our 'put by' food from summer.  Peach and Blueberry Crumble for dessert (frozen peach pie filling with some blueberries thrown in for good measure), and Strawberry Jalapeno Jam on english muffins for breakfast.  I had to smile at the memories of canning in the heat, knowing I would enjoy a little taste of summer's bounty come winter.  And seriously, I could just eat that jam by the spoonful when no one was looking..... and actually come to think of it, my daughter has.  Luckily at two years of age her thighs are still considered "cute" when squishy and dimply (though they aren't, she's a twig).  I guess I should hand over the jar and a spoon and just watch in envy.

My little guy just came out to see what I was up to, so much for not disturbing the family.  It's all the dog's fault.  Border's and their neurosis, gotta love em!  If you are ever bored just google something like "neurotic border collies" and be prepared to laugh at the stories folks have of their dogs shredding their mattress or breaking through the window to drag out every last couch cushion.  These dogs are too smart for their own good and are so good at herding because they are cookoo.  They really are.  Mine was medicated for years just so I could leave him to go to work everyday.  Sorry, I seem to have gotten side tracked.   I think this rambling is a sign that it's time for some Sleepy Time Tea and a cuddle with a seed catalog, the Seed Saver's hasn't been cracked yet....good night all!


Erin said...

I can relate to your insomnia. I have been falling asleep in front of the TV by 9 pm lately, but then up at 12:30 and feel completely refreshed... of course by the next morning I am exhaused again. Not sure what the problem is but I hope it doesn't last long! I had high hopes of getting my garden cleaned up and checked on this weekend, but we are supposed to have a rain/sleet/snow mix all weekend, yuck! Like the ground wasn't completely saturated enough before?! Gotta love the border collies - I don't even think a non-neurotic dog would do well in our house! It's one of the things I love the most about our Australian Shepherds, I don't feel so alone in my neuroses!!!

Kelly said...

Too funny, they do say the dogs that are neurotic are so because they sense their owner's tendencies. I certainly fit that bill!

Kelly said...
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Thomas said...

I'm glad you finally posted a picture of your garden veg. I'm assuming these are the napoli? I've taste tested a few and they are pretty good...but I think the weather needs to get a bit colder before I can really decide whether they live up to their reputation as being a super sweet winter carrot.