Saturday, December 26, 2009

What we have been up to......

Never call my daughter to help you move:

Digging for Dinosaur bones is messy business.
(Ella has grabbed the chisel from the junior paleontologist.  Negotiations are taking place.):

OK, back to business.

Finally, after 2.5 years of kicking around my house this snowman kit can finally be put to good use:

What you can't see is this beast tearing off Frosty's left limb shortly after this picture was taken.
 We now have an amputee on our hands.

My snow angel (runny nose and all!):


Thomas said...

hahaha...these are funny. Your daughter packs up furniture as well as I do.

Our snowman didn't turn out as perfect as yours. Jonathan ended up eating his noise (aka carrot).

Erin said...

Great photos! so glad you got to have a white Christmas, I bet the kids loved it!

Kelly said...

Thomas, that boy sure does like his carrots! lol.

Erin, the kids did love it, rain just came and washed it all away.