Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Making memories, and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!  I have been catching up on everyone's blogs after being down for the count this past week (a nasty stomach virus). I wish I could say things are quiet here in the literal sense, but they are not since the kids are somehow still running on all cylinders.  But things are quiet this year since too many of us are sick and all the relatives are all elsewhere, some home and miserable with their own illnesses.

Yes, lets Christmas cards didn't get done this year, Santa had to leave a note about a special toy being sent via the post, and I have so much food it isn't even funny.  This will certainly be a Christmas to remember, lol!! It has been a reminder that the two most important things in life, health and family, can never be taken for granted.  I have spent the week reminiscing about my childhood holidays, wishing I could go back to one of those Christmas Eve parties when my favorite Uncle Bill and my Grandmother were still there laughing and enjoying the company of family, good food, and good drink.  Holidays really are special, they make up the memories that cloud the mind, and in the end, they may be all we have left of our loved ones.  Today I was laughing with my "Bop" about how "Ma" (my Dad's mother) used to get laughing so hard, and so loudly after a few stiff party drinks.  This would get my father going, and then his sister, and before you knew it everyone was in tears from laughing so hard.....God only knows over what.  These are the memories I never want to forget,  I am so thankful to have them in the first place.  I hope you all have been busy making your own special memories- especially ones involving liquor and laughs!

I  went to a site after visiting Farmgirl Fare's Blog, she posted some of her favorite charities.  I have my own list, but I am adding one of hers to a different 'list' of mine, that famed resolution list that usually involves losing weight or giving up a bad habit.  I gave up on the standard run years ago and tend to not even bother anymore, but this charity is going to receive a small monthly donation from myself for 2010.  It won't be much but I know every little bit helps.  I added the charity to my side bar as a reminder to follow through with this coming resolution:  To help these creatures that have no words, to help them heal at the hands of good people so they will know something other than hurt from our hands and hearts.  Thanks to Farmgirl for mentioning this wonderful charity, her blog is linked in sidebar for anyone that does not already read it!

It has been a great year, I am looking forward to what 2010 will bring (hoping it's not blight again), Happy (Almost) New Year everyone!!

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Erin said...

Sounds like a great holiday! I will definitely check out the charity sidebar, a great idea!