Friday, December 18, 2009

The mantel is finally decorated.

The tree is trimmed, the fire is cozy, the dogs have assumed their positions for winter.


Beegirl said...

Everything looks so lovely! I still don't have my tree up yet. Maybe tonight? I am so far behind. Been at work..tons. Thanks so much for your comment. I miss you all.. : )) Happy Christmas to you..

Michelle said...

Cozy, cozy! The dogs made me smile...even their collars are festive!

Erin said...

It is beautiful! Now that I see the beams in your house, no wonder you chose a copper sink, I bet it looks great in there!

Annie's Granny said...

My Annie would love to scrunch in there between your dogs. She has to make do with a propane heater this winter! It makes me wish we were home through the holidays, where she could settle in front of our fireplace.

Kelly said...

BeeGirl- I hope you got your tree up, I'll be looking for some holiday photos! ;)

Michelle- Lol, those are their electric fence collars- though Ivy does have a green traditional collar on as well.

Erin- Yes, this house was meant to have a copper sink. We have outgrown the house but I refuse to leave my post and beam construction, the wood is so warm and architecturally pleasing.

AG- Annie would fit right right in no doubt, but she would miss your cooking! :)