Thursday, March 25, 2010


We are getting ready for a little blast of winter here in Massachusetts.  We have reached the 50% probability mark for a frost in the 28 ℉ range as of tomorrow, and we are going to see it!  My poor garlic is  in for a shock, along with all the tender seedlings recently transplanted out.  The buds have begun to break on all my fruit trees, hopefully they will make it through unscathed.

I will most likely cover the garlic with straw, and maybe some row cover or plastic mulch.  The hoops could really use a heavy quilt, but the forecast is calling for 80% precipitation which may come as rain and/or snow.  Snow would be much preferred by me, at least it is insulating.  That cold rain is not welcome here in my garden!

Yesterday I sowed the remaining peppers, deciding to do it 'coffee filter style' in order to keep on top of the germination.  For some reason (I am assuming from overhead watering) the seeds in the previous soil block sowing fell way into the blocks, I had to dig around to find them after it appeared as though they weren't germinating, so this time around I am playing it safe and will transfer them over to a block once they have sprouted.

One of my little helpers giving the next batch of seedlings a misting.   Those two Polbig tomatoes on the right are just about ready to be potted up, despite being outside in real sunshine last week they are still looking a bit leggy to me.  Maybe my fluorescent bulbs need replacing.   By this time last year my tomatoes were HUGE.  We just have too much going on this year to baby tomatoes inside for 4 months, though it bums me out to know I won't have early tomatoes this summer.

I lost my pea seedlings to all the recent rain, the container they were in was badly clogged and holding three inches of water.  I dumped them and need to start all over today, although Friday's lows have me rethinking that plan, maybe I should just wait until the weekend......the peas will be so far behind anyway.    My kids were very upset to hear the news, they have been looking forward to picking since I ripped out the last crop in 2009.  Just figures right?  It is the only thing they are guaranteed to eat out of the garden!

Happy Gardening!


Rebecca said...

Well, it all depends. If it dips to 28 that shouldn't faze your fruit trees too much this early in the season. If it dropped to 28 and stayed there all night, you'd get some frost burn on tender new foliage.

I'm late starting my peas this year, too. It's been WAY colder than usual and the temps are still about 10 degrees below average for this time of year so I'm not too worried. Last summer was cooler than normal and I expect this year to be, too. Which can only be a good thing for my cool crops like peas, lettuce, and potatoes!

Kelly said...

It is predicted to get as low as 20 degrees Friday into Saturday, so not sure how long the temps will settle in at that low. It has me a bit worried though, even today it will be 60 and sunny for a portion of the day.

I am afraid I agree with you on the Summer weather forecast, I am not expecting anything overly different than last year. That said it would nice to be pleasantly surprised!

Ribbit said...

Goodness, that's cold. How terrible is it for MN to warm us up so nicely and then smack us. Hopefully that garlic will bounce back. Mine did, so I have hopes for yours.

Erin said...

I found out that's what happened to my artichoke seeds, they fell to the depths, LOL! My pea seedlings are FINALLY up! I sowed them 2 weeks ago and it seemed they were taking forever and I was afraid rain washed them down or a critter ate them, but they were mostly all up about 1/2 inch this morning. It's 67 degrees right now and stunningly beautiful, but that's only because the sun is setting on the STORM clouds in the distance! Our temps aren't supposed to fall until tomorrow afternoon, but then we will be just above you in the 30's. Hope it doesn't last too long and doesn't flood! Now go tuck your babies in... the plants, that is :) (My potted fruit trees opened buds today, too...cross our fingers!)

Kelly said...

Erin- I will need to wrap the currant with something for sure, I believe it is quite tender. All the fruit bushes look like peaking out everywhere!

Ruralrose said...

What wacky weather you are getting over there. Living with faith is not easy. Peace