Monday, March 29, 2010

Raining Again.

Yup, wet weather here to stay again.  Thomas, hope you and your garden are not falling under the "flood watch".  I still have yet to catch up on my seed sowing.  I did manage to pot up my two Polbig seedlings this weekend out in the cold, cold shed where they gave off steam as soon as soon as their toasty roots were exposed to the frigid air.  Into the cow 'poo pots' they went, the pots don't smell anything like manure, but they have a bit of an unpleasant odor when sniffed (I can't help it, I smell everything).  It is so exciting to have something that looks like a tomato plant growing.

I have seeds germinating in coffee filters that need to be transferred into soil blocks, I really must try and accomplish this task today.

This past weekend we were busy trying to finish up the re-do of my son's room.  I needed to break down a 30 gallon aquarium and downsize it into his new 14 gallon aquarium, which was placed on his new desk.  Then my darling husband removed the radiator covers off the walls and scraped, sanded, and washed the walls and ceilings that have not been painted already.  It is amazing what years of saltwater drips/spray can do to a room and it's contents.

We laid down hardwoods and painted one half of the room over the last month or so, then moved all of his new furniture now we are working on the second half.   Here is the 'old' half, followed by the proud new owner in the 'almost done half':

We love salty critters here in my house, and my son and I both have some new aquarium inhabitants arriving tomorrow which will be fun but time consuming since the fish and invertebrates require such long acclimation times.........seed sowing is on the back burner again.  I am going to be really sorry when I have no Sorrel and Arugula to eat in May!  (oh, and as a side note the seedlings under the hoops stayed toasty during our cold spell, though they were a bit purple from the lower temps.  Is it phosphate they can't take up in the cold that causes the discoloration??  I can't remember.)


Erin said...

Yes, it's phosphorus that being too cold inhibits their ability to take it up. (I have it too!) You go, IKEA girl! My kids room is all IKEA too, they have such fun stuff for kids. I know what you mean about the tanks, it's a difficult and messy task. I finally took down our 90 gal tank last fall since we really didn't have the room for it and I am the only one who did the upkeep. Hubby is a whiz with aquariums but he's never here! I tried to post it on Craigslist, but I guess no one could afford it with this economy so it's in the shed right now! Here too, it's pouring buckets! Thank god for raised beds since the other part of my yard is a lake right now. Even if my carrot seeds get washed away, the bed will retain the soil. Good luck with the seedling s today, it's on my list too!

Kelly said...

Lol, we only have one half of the room done so I have been brain-storming for the other side....but we have no money to spend on another IKEA trip, so it will be awhile anyway.

I would love to see the boys' room, are they in bunks?

Erin said...

Yes, they are in FLEXA bunks, and even those are too big for our space! I would like to put them in a trundle from IKEA, unforunately haven't been able to sell the FLEXA beds on Craigslist, everyone comes and looks, but then they offer like 200 when they are worth 700-800! And that's me coming in under the 900 everyone else is selling them for! I have a real problem with redecorating, and I should have remembered this before I bought those beds, and just stuck with the IKEA ones!

Michelle said...

Your sons room turned out so cute! What a great boys room...I really need to work on my boys' rooms. Yikes. What an endeavor! I'd almost just rather move!!

Ribbit said...

He looks happy as a lark!

Ruralrose said...

He is so cute! Is this the CAT man? You sure are a multifaceted mom, he is so lucky. Peace

Kelly said...

Yes, that is the happy CAT man, playing 'construction' on thr floor at this very moment. :)

Thomas said... this point, I don't even remember what a dry garden looks like. I feel like I should be growing rice right about now.

BTW, I LOVE that color. Perfect for a little boy's room.