Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mr. Sun is Shining!

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on, please shine down on, please shine down on me!

Anyone else humming that tune this weekend?  It is GORGEOUS here on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts.  The soil in my beds is dark and crumbly.  The worms are plentiful.  I peaked under the bed of straw in the garlic patch and the aroma of garlic hit me almost immeditaly.  The little sprouts are still poking up in rows, I am so excited to have home grown this year!

Some Ichelium Red peaking out of the garlic bed.

I have a handful of Short N Sweet carrots from a late Summer sowing.   My husband got quite a kick out of this.  The Napoli sowed in late Fall were just pencils, what was left of them anyway.  Some creature kept getting under the plastic to dig them up.

The Winter Rye (cover crop) has filled in nicely.  I think I will turn it in along with the straw and leaves now, and top it with an inch or so of compost in a few weeks.  I planted the rye to use as a green manure of sorts, turning it in now will provide a bit of nutrients come summer.

It is time for most of the seedlings to go out into the cold frame.  The Red Russian Kale and Spinach will be planted out this week along with some pea seeds that I will likely germinate indoors first.  The greens have sized up nicely.  It is amazing what some fluorescent light and occasional feedings will produce indoors isn't it?

Here are the onions.  The larger are from my original sow date, and the smaller are the red variety that I had to replace due to zero germination.

Lastly, these tiny Orange Thyme seedlings were even tinier when just a seed, I could barely see them with the naked eye.  They were sown just over a month ago.

This is going to be a busy week out in the garden.  Today we are expanding the fence to make room for the new beds.  I also need to prune and spray the fruit trees and bushes, clean up the asparagus bed, and finalize the year's layout so I can start direct sowing those early Spring crops.  Mmm, I can't wait for those first peas!  Happy gardening everyone, I think I officially have Spring Fever!


Heiko said...

I was in full spring fever last week, but this week winter's returned with a bitter northern wind. Hope it doesn't kill anything off in my cold frame...

Kelly said...

Ouch, I hope not either. Where are you located?

Mirandi said...

I'm getting a kick out of those Short N Sweet carrots too - they're adorable! I might get a packet of seeds and try planting them in a giant container.

Michelle said...

Everything looks so green and happy!

Erin said...

Great photos, my seedlings look paltry in comparison!! Spring fever here, too, although today finds me lazy and feeling a bit ill.... hopefully it's just a 24 hr thing since I want to get back outside!

Rebecca said...

Wow, where did you find Orange Thyme seeds? I've had to get mine as plants from Richter's. $$$$$$

I'd love to be able to start some from seed, they look great!