Friday, August 6, 2010

Mixed Bag

(This is my second post of the day, the one that got this whole grated veggie thing motivated is found below, you may want to go there first.)

Last year I bagged up plenty of grated zucchini for bread making.  I like to portion my freezer bags with the amount of oil called for in the recipe as well, this keeps the keeps the zucchini free from freezer burn.
I will often add in various accouterments when making my zucchini bread (other than the obvious nuts and raisins), anything from candied ginger to grated coconut.  One my favorite add-ins in pureed pumpkin.  Doesn't pumpkin just make everything better?

Anyway, I am digressing from the topic at hand.  This year I decided to add everything but the kitchen sink into my grated zucchini.  Well, not really.  But everything else that was of vegetable matter in the fridge.  And an apple for good measure.  So here it is, grated zucchini, beets, carrots, and an apple all ready to be oil-packed and stuck in the freezer for house warming Winter breakfasts & snacks:

It is a colorful lot, one that almost looks too pretty to cook into a brown mushy loaf of bread.  Its all those Chioggia and Golden Beets.  They are a first for me, I hope they go un-noticed in the future 'Mixed Bag Zucchini Bread'.  Here is the link to my Put Away For Another Day Zucchini Bread if you are interested in socking away some partially prepped zucchini bread for future use.  (The frosting only occurs on rare occasions in my house.  ☺)

How are you all squirreling away your garden bounty?


Erin said...

You are right, that is beautiful! Wow, oil in the bag in the freezer, great trick! So far I am so boring, I am saucing everything and freezing. I plan on drying some herbs this week and I finally have lots of peppers so I'm just cutting them in strips and freezing. Also froze some stuffed peppers. No canning yet, I'm sure that will come in a couple of weeks when all my romas will mature

Kelly said...

for some reason the link is broken into 2, and it is only found on the 'zucchini bread' words, not the first half. I will try and fix this later.

Annie's Granny said...

I was just going to tell you your link is broken.

I'll be making strawberry jam today, also Momma_S' linked recipe for zucchini cookies that I hope make it to the freezer before being eaten. If your link gets fixed, I'll probably be putting oiled zucchini shreds in the freezer as well. If I find enough peppers for the recipe, I'll possibly can some zucchini relish today or tomorrow.

Kelly said...

Click on the "Zucchini Bread" part, and it will work. Meanwhile, I will try and fix it properly.

Kelly said...

Link fixed. :) Have fun making jam and cookies AG!! (Are they the chocolate chip cookies w/ zucchini from B.K.'s book?)

Annie's Granny said...

The jam is done, 4 1/2 pints. As soon as the dishwasher gets done, I'm on to to the relish. Thanks for the link, I saved the recipe this time. The cookie recipe is from

I'm subbing raisins for the chocolate chips.

meemsnyc said...

Oooh, that is so colorful and delicious looking. I love adding in zukes in breads and muffins. I haven't had much of a harvest to be squirreling away anything. We've been eating the harvests as they get picked.

Kelly said...

Thanks for posting the cookie link!

meemsnyc- not having enough to preserve because it is all getting eaten is certainly not a bad thing! Last year I purchased quite a bit of produce to put up, my garden just wasn't cutting it. :)

villager said...

I think that Mixed Bag zucchini bread is a great idea. I guess all the zucchini does for the bread is add some moisture and nutrients anyway. I'd freeze some squash for later bread but our upright freezer is bulging as it is. We need a bigger one!

I might try and can some salsa before long. That's another thing to do with tomatoes that doesn't need freezer space. And I'll be dehydrating peppers when we get a few more.