Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well, I don't have much to say about the garden because we have been getting rained on for days now.  Hoping the potatoes aren't rotting.  Wondering what kind of shape everything will be in after a string of rainy days and cold nights.  That is a disease promoting scenario for so many garden inhabitants, in fact it is a bit of a flashback to last year, to 'the summer that never was'.

We have also been busy gearing up for our school year....meeting w/the Superintendent before getting approval, adding the finishing touches to the kid's curriculum, hashing out the calendar (all of those extra classes & activities, always way more than we can fit in a week), putting binders together, buying pencils, all you parents know the drill.  It is the same with homeschooling, only I can add in my own personal mini-nervous breakdown as I feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of educating my children.

In addition to all of this I have been trying to add in daily exercise to my routine, and am contemplating giving up sugar.  And possibly flour.  And alcohol.  I know, it sucks right??  But the thing is I REALLY need to lose 'the baby weight'.  Twenty pounds hanging around from each pregnancy, and my youngest is three. And there was the extra ten I was carrying before I had my children.   Need I say more?  (Except that you all know how much I cook, and experiment with new recipes, and mostly just plain love food.  This is a difficult proposition since I will still need to cook for my family, and they have NO intentions of going along on this crazy life change with me.)  Sigh.  So that is what I have been up to.  Not gardening.  Panicking, exercising, and threatening the removal of many things in my diet.

Lunch today is 2 zucchini, some garlic & herbs, and a handful of oven-dried tomatoes.  Oh, and butter of coarse!  It is delicious, but not very filling.

Happy Gardening!


Annie's Granny said...

You have mail ;-)

Erin said...

sugar, flour AND alcohol? That's insane, girl! Just do your exercising and cut out some snacking and you should get some good results, if you make it too restrictive you won't be able to hang with it! I am sure you are being too hard on yourself and you look great! I can't imagine putting together all that curriculum for school, good job Mama!

Remember the 4 food groups from The Breakfast Club? LOL

Kelly said...

Erin- I am always hungry, so cutting out snacking is just not an option. Removing empty calories is. :) Thanks the for kind words.

thyme2garden said...

Cutting out sugar, flour, and alcohol sounds admirable, but not very doable, unless you have determination and self-discipline of steel!! If you must, how about just one at a time?

One of travel bloggers I read has been talking about this diet he's currently on called SOS (Stop Only Sugar) to lose about extra 60+ lbs. His last update was that he lost 13 lbs in a month. I haven't really looked into it much, but it's supposed to be pretty simple, with the main idea being limiting your sugar intake and eating a mininum amount of fiber.

Your zucchini with oven-dried tomatoes sounds delish, but I can see how it might not be very filling.

Kelly said...

I will into the SOS diet, thanks!

melanie plush said...

Restricting yourself from alcohol, sugar and flour is really a difficult one. But if you have discipline, self control and determination you can easily do what you want to happen. I am also on dieting process and I almost eat vegetable and fruits everyday. All the veggies and fruits that I eat are from my garden and it’s easy for you to have diet if you have your own garden to get some fresh veggies. So I suggest to you to have a garden to make your diet process money saver and convenient for to eat those foods.

Melanie Piano said...

Oh. Will definitely going to try this out! Gonna check my ingredient list here. hmm.. I got tomatoes, zucchinis, parsley, garlic, onion and feta cheese! Will try this out and will add my favorite feta cheese!